5 Never Seen Before Undertaker Matches

5 Never Seen Before Undertaker Matches

The Undertaker already wrestled a huge amount of professional wrestling matches during his long illustrious career.

We have now picked 5 battles, where the matches weren’t televised:

5. The Undertaker vs. Nailz

The Undertaker vs. Nailz

Well, at least a Fancam Version in awful quality exists for one of their House Show Matches.

In a series of matches, that were probably just Tests for a possible future match on Television, The Undertaker defeated Nailz on the following House Show dates:

November 12, 1992 (2 Events)

November 13, 1992

November 14, 1992

November 15, 1992 (2 Events)

November 28, 1992

November 29, 1992 (2 Events)

December 04, 1992

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