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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Miss Tonight’s WWE Raw

Tonight’s WWE Raw takes place from CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA and will feature a live performance from rapper Wiz Khalifa. Tonight’s WWE Raw will be episode #1137. WrestleMania 31 is only 20 days away and tonight will be a big night for the WWE fans.

Let us take a look at 5 reasons why you can’t afford to miss tonight’s WWE Raw!

5. Brock Lesnar is in the house baby!

Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion was scheduled to confront his WrestleMania 31 opponent, Roman Reigns, two weeks back on WWE Raw, but due to some backstage dispute with Vince McMahon, Lesnar walked out on Raw.

Since then there have been speculation that Brock Lesnar might walk out on WrestleMania as well (especially after his appearance at UFC 184). But Vince McMahon said that Lesnar won’t do that because it will result in a breach of contract and a major lawsuit.

And there’s indeed no need about worrying, as “The Beast Incarnate” is back tonight, and he’s going to “deal” with Roman Reigns in his own style!

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