5 Surprising Names Who Defeated The Rock

"The Great One" The Rock

The Rock is called the “Great One” for a reason. He’s a 10 time World Champion, has headlined multiple WrestleManias, has faced almost all the big names in this industry from Hulk Hogan to Steve Austin, from Bret Hart to The Undertaker. He has even faced & defeated the biggest name of modern day WWE, John Cena.

But now let us take a look at 5 surprising names who defeated The Rock in singles competition:

5. Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn gained a ruthless attitude after breaking ties with D-Generation X and went on to compete as a singles competitor. Billy Gunn was getting a nice singles push when he defeated two former WWF World Champions, Mankind & Kane. Billy Gunn went on to win the King of the Ring 1999 as well. Billy Gunn’s biggest win came when he defeated another former WWF World Champion, The Rock!

The two would continue their rivalry with The Rock getting his redemption when he defeated Billy Gunn at SummerSlam 1999. You can watch their SummerSlam bout below:

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