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5 Things That Might Happen At Elimination Chamber 2015

Elimination Chamber 2015 PPV is almost here and two titles will be defended inside the Elimination Chamber. Both the Intercontinental Title & WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line inside the Chamber for the first time ever. The main event will feature Seth Rollins defending the WWE World Heavyweight Title against Dean Ambrose.

Let us take a look at 5 things that might happen at Elimination Chamber 2015:

5. Kevin Owens loses via DQ

NXT Champion Kevin Owens will face US Champion John Cena in a “Champion vs Champion” match. This is just a traditional singles match, not a title match.

The only logical end to this match would be Kevin Owens losing the match via DQ. Owens could use a foreign object like a steel chair to cause the DQ and keep on attacking Cena.

Not only will this solidify Owens as a monster heel, but will also make sure that Cena doesn’t lose clean.

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