NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (1984)

MID-ATLANTIC TV – 7/28/84 (Here we have a rare, complete episode of Mid-Atlantic TV from the
summer of 1984. Not a ton of classic stuff here, but some fun footage with Wahoo’s
heel turn and Assassin II getting unmasked. Quality on this VG/EX, real nice for the
age and rarity.)
Brian Adidas & Pez Whatley vs Doug Vines & Bob Bass
Announcement of US title being held up (includes a clip of Wahoo McDaniel vs Ricky
Steamboat where Tully Blanchard comes out and tries to hit Wahoo with a chair.
Wahoo ducks and Steamboat gets KO’ed instead. Wahoo covers him, gets the pin,
and the title gets held up. This is a big part of Wahoo turning heel.)
Clip of Wahoo McDaniel vs Ric Flair (Tully Blanchard assists Wahoo, then jumps in and
attacks Flair. Wahoo & Tully then double-team Flair, cementing Wahoo’s heel
turn. Weird to see Tully & Flair feuding.)
Jimmy Valiant vs Beach Boy Harper
Wahoo McDaniel vs Sam Houston (Wahoo uses Tully Blanchard’s finisher here…)
Buzz Sawyer vs Keith Larsen
Clip of Jimmy Valiant unmasking Assassin II (Turns out to be Hercules Hernandez)
Ivan & Nikita Koloff & Don Kernodle vs Angelo Mosca Jr, Rufus R Jones & Tom Shaft (Good
grief, there’s a whole lot of suck facing the Russian team)
Tully Blanchard vs Brett Hart

MID-ATLANTIC TV – 10/13/84 (Complete episode of this rare show. Quality is VG/EX, almost EX.)
Mike Rotundo vs Don Sanders
Wahoo McDaniel celebrating US title win, 10/7/84 (brief clip)
Starrcade ’83 Highlghts
Announcement of Starrcade ’84 Main Event (This announcement takes place in a bank to highlight
the $1,000,000 purse for the match; they then go to Starrcade Rally ’84 at some arena
where Bob Caudle calls Flair the “US Champ”)
Manny Fernandez vs Randy Barber
Ron Bass & Black Bart vs Mike Davis & Denny Brown
Ivan & Nikita Koloff & Don Kernodle vs Mike Jackson, Jason Walker & Steve Miller

MID-ATLANTIC TV – 10/20/84 (Partial episode of this very rare show. Some fun stuff on this one. Quality is VG, almost VG/EX.)
Mike Rotundo vs Doug Vines (Vines has a horrible punch…)
Don Kernodle signing cage match title defense, NWA Worldwide, 10/13/84
Assassin #1 vs Ultimate Assassin (Paul Jones runs in and accidentally KOs Assassin #1;
Ultimate Assassin then unmasks to reveal Johnny Weaver. Jones then walks out on Assassin
#1 and leaves him laying there.)
Manny Fernandez vs Mark Fleming
Interview w/Paul Jones & Zambuie Express (Assassin #1 comes out and confronts Jones, thus
starting his face turn)
Ron Bass & Black Bart vs Sam Houston & Brett Hart (Barry Horowitz)
Wahoo McDaniel vs Joel Deaton
Interview w/Paul Jones (Assassin #1 comes out and confronts Jones again, this time fully
turning face)
Tully Blanchard vs Brian Adidas (Tully is working his “$10,000 if you vs. me” gimmick. The
ref gets KOed and isn’t there to count when Adidas “pins” Tully; Adidas then throws some
of Tully’s money to the crowd.)

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