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A New AEW Show Is Coming Soon

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The world of professional wrestling is abuzz with anticipation as negotiations between AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery reach a crucial juncture. With their existing TV rights deal set to expire at the year’s end, fans eagerly await news of a potential extension and any accompanying announcements, including the possibility of new programming.

Warner Bros. Discovery TV Upfronts

As the Warner Bros. Discovery TV upfronts commence, speculation runs rampant about the future of AEW’s partnership with the media conglomerate. While AEW is expected to feature in discussions during the event, concrete details regarding a new deal remain elusive. Despite widespread anticipation, insiders suggest that any official announcements may not materialize immediately, as negotiations continue.

Secrecy Surrounding Potential Deal

Insider reports indicate a cautious approach to any potential deal announcements, with parties likely to keep details under wraps until a later date, possibly in the summer or fall. An exclusivity window between AEW and WBD persists through the summer, further fueling speculation about the timing of any forthcoming announcements.

Hints of New AEW Programming

Amidst the negotiations, tantalizing hints emerge regarding potential new AEW-related programming. While details remain scarce, reports suggest the existence of a pilot for a new program, distinct from a reality series, with plans for a social media announcement in the near future.

Here’s what Fightful Select reported:

“There is a pilot for a new AEW-related program with WBD that was set to be announced for social channels this week. It was described as not being a reality series.”

Expansion to Max Streaming Service

Discussions between AEW and WBD also extend to the possibility of integrating AEW pay-per-view events into the Max streaming service. With Max’s significance in WBD’s strategic considerations, such a move could signal a significant shift in how wrestling content is consumed.

WBD’s Strategic Response

In the broader context of media landscape shifts, WBD faces the potential loss of the NBA to NBC, prompting strategic reassessment. Should this scenario unfold, WBD aims to reinvest resources to maintain its cable presence while exploring alternative properties to engage viewers.

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