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AEW Facing Problems Despite CM Punk Returning

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CM Punk will return on the debut episode of AEW Collision and he has been added to multiple other Collision episodes too.

Below are the dates that have been announced so far:

June 17 (premiere) – Chicago, Illinois at the United Center

June 24 – Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

June 29 (Thursday taping) – FirstOntario Center in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

July 8 – The Brandt Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

July 15 – Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

July 22 – Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey

August 12 – Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina

According to the Wrestling Observer, Punk’s return in Chicago sold tickets for the June 17th episode, but tickets sales for the other episodes haven’t increased even after Punk getting added to the shows:

“These Collision numbers outside of the United Center, they’re bad.

Punk has been moving tickets in Chicago, but not in the other places, not in Toronto, which is not a good sign because Toronto is one of the greatest markets in North America.

They sold out Forbidden Door in a snap of the fingers and then for the Collision show, they’re still under 2,000 tickets in the Scotiabank Arena and you know Regina.

I was told ahead of time that you know Regina and Saskatoon, which is Saskatoon’s actually Dynamite, that they were going to be very, very tough because in the summer, people in Saskatchewan they don’t get good weather very much.

When they do get good weather, they head out of town and go to the lake and things like that and it’s basically difficult. They’ve really picked a bad time to go to Saskatchewan and also you know aside from Toronto and Winnipeg, they haven’t really some of their Canadian stuff, they’re not as hot.

In Winnipeg obviously, because they have Jericho and Kenny Omega from Winnipeg and Edmonton will do very well, you know, I mean it’s not through the roof or anything. It’s about 5,000 tickets sold, but they’ll sell more late.

I think Edmonton will do well. Calgary, I’ve had people in Calgary tell me that one’s a little bit struggling for the Saturday night, but I think you know with the Owen Hart Tournament I think they should do ok but Hamilton.

Hamilton and Regina are going to be very, very tough. They are like 700 tickets for the Collision in Hamilton and I think also part of it is, is that in Canada they only get Dynamite on television, they don’t get Rampage. And there’s been no announcements of Collision and there’s been no announcements of Collision for the UK either.”

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