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AEW Special Attraction Wrestler Is Open To Returning To WWE

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Rob Van Dam, renowned for his in-ring prowess and daring stunts, has been a fixture on AEW television for the past year as a special attraction. However, speculation looms over his possible return to WWE.

In a recent episode of his ‘1 Of A Kind’ podcast, Van Dam hinted at his openness to the idea of stepping back into the WWE ring. Despite this, he expressed uncertainty about the process, citing a fear of rejection as a deterrent to initiating contact with the organization.

He admitted that while he would consider an offer if extended, he hesitates to make the first move, wary of potential disappointment.

Reflecting on his previous stint with WWE in 2014, Rob revealed his frustration with the lack of substantial plans for his character. However, discussions with WWE management during that time left the door open for a potential return, with assurances of better planning and utilization.

Here’s what RVD had to say:

“I would totally be open to it. I don’t know what it would take for that to happen. It’s possible that it would take me picking up the phone and telling them that I want to do this in order to start the fire. If that’s what it would take, chances are next to nothing that it’s gonna happen.

In 2014, after my 88-match run in 5 months, I shouldn’t have been there, they had nothing for me. At the end of it, when I finally did express my feelings, one of the things that stuck out in my mind was that the boss said, ‘That’s up to you, if you want to come back. If you do, then we’ll make sure to have plans ahead of time. We’ll know what we’re doing the whole time’.”

Nevertheless, Van Dam has been vocal about feeling more valued in AEW compared to his time in WWE. As fans anticipate his potential return to WWE television, the wrestling world awaits to see if and when the legendary RVD will make his comeback.

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