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AEW Star Doesn’t Care To Be A Champion At This Point

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• AEW Star Doesn’t Care To Be A Champion At This Point

During an interview on One Fall, AEW wrestler Bryan Danielson (former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan) talked about his pro-wrestling career at the age of 41 and what brings him joy at this point.

Bryan said he doesn’t care about the spotlight anymore and just wants to help the younger wrestlers achieve their dreams.

Below is what The American Dragon said:

“My goal — I don’t even know if its a goal. What I feel like my job is in wrestling at this point is service, and that’s actually what brings me the most joy.

Me being champion or anything like that, if they really wanted me to be champion, if AEW really wanted me to be a champion or whatever it is, I’d do it if they thought it was good for business or whatever it is, but that’s not what inspires me or brings me joy.

Being able to get in the ring with younger talent and being able to give back, all that kind of stuff, that’s the stuff that brings value to my life now, especially as an older wrestler, as somebody who’s 41. I don’t need the spotlight, nor do I even really want the spotlight.

I love [that] AEW does AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation on YouTube and I love those platforms and I would love just being on those shows and then, I would love to do that but I think Tony Khan pays me too much money to [wrestle on YouTube] (laughs).

He wants me to be on their TV show and all that kind of stuff but I would be just as happy if probably not more happy, one, because I love to wrestle still, I love being out there in front of the crowd. But being able to wrestle and also helping people achieve their dreams in wrestling as well.

So those are the things that really inspire me and light up my brain and the things that I think about when I’m on the road and that sort of thing that are not family-related or thinking about, oh, okay, this would be cool or this would be cool.

Oh, when he approached me about wrestling Daniel Garcia, I was like, ‘Man, that sounds great. I would love to do that.’”

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