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AEW Wrestler Believes CM Punk Was Responsible For Him Being Removed From Collision

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QT Marshall has announced his departure from AEW, expressing a desire to focus more on in-ring performances rather than a backstage coaching role.

There are mixed opinions within AEW regarding the presentation of wrestling, with Marshall advocating for a more entertainment-based approach. He reportedly disapproved of certain shifts in creative direction, feeling that AEW was not telling compelling stories.

QT Marshall appeared in QTV segments during the early days of AEW Collision. However, CM Punk opposed Marshall’s involvement, especially in relation to Powerhouse Hobbs’ presentation. According to WrestlePurists, Punk didn’t see QTV as a productive part of Powerhouse Hobbs’ presentation.

When QTV segments were removed, Tony Khan took responsibility, straining his relationship with Marshall.

The latter felt there was a lack of transparency about the reasons behind the removal, believing that CM Punk was responsible and distrusting Khan’s admission of fault.

Despite the backstage dynamics, QT Marshall was well-liked by talent and staff in AEW.

You can read QT Marshall’s statement regarding his AEW departure below:

“Thank you AEW. Thank you Tony Khan. I’ve had the privilege of being here since day 1 and I’ve written over 750 formats for All Elite Wrestling and always with pride.

As much as I’ve enjoyed being a VP, Manager of Talent Relations and wearing a myriad of hats, the company has changed a lot since 2019 and is heading in a different direction and I feel that it’s best I do the same as we only get one chance to go All In!

I have officially resigned from AEW and will have fulfilled all obligations by the end of 2023.

Thank you to everyone from the front office to the production truck to some of the hardest working talent in this sport! Most importantly, thank you to those who booed, cheered, and took part in this season of my life.”

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