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AEW Wrestler Thinks Tony Khan Canceled His TV Return After He Injured Eddie Kingston

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• AEW Wrestler Thinks Tony Khan Canceled His TV Return After He Injured Eddie Kingston

During an interview with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, AEW wrestler Joey Janela revealed that his contract is set to expire on May 1st and he won’t be re-signing with All Elite Wrestling.

Janela then talked about his feud with Sonny Kiss on AEW Dark (YouTube show) and how AEW President Tony Khan was planning to bring him back to AEW TV (Dynamite & Rampage), but an accident could’ve resulted in Tony canceling those plans.

Below is what Janela said:

“It was weird because we were doing this whole angle with Sonny Kiss, that I basically booked the whole thing top to bottom and it was hitting on all cylinders for their internet TV show, it wasn’t on TV, people were bombarding us to put it on TV. Because it was so good and the emotion was there.

People were into it and people started to hate me because I turned on Sonny Kiss. I said listen Sonny, ‘You’re over now to a degree, but I wanna get you to the next level with this storyline.’

If I knew otherwise I would have let Sonny Kiss go over in our final street fight in Universal Studios, which was a great received match, I would have had Sonny go over me and I would have walked into the sunset.

But I think they had plans for me, Tony [Khan] kept on saying ‘after this we’re bringing you back to TV’, but unfortunately I think a lot of it has to do with a situation where I worked with Eddie Kingston in Charlotte, and I super kicked him in the face a little bit too hard, came in a little bit too hot.

I had been squatting probably 50 more pounds than I am used to be squatting, and doing a 100 pounds more on the leg press and I don’t know, I didn’t realize I had that type of power in my legs and I gave him a super kick and I broke his orbital bone.

He was going into a feud with Chris Jericho, and I feel that may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

A lot of guys, maybe some older heads that believed my hype and believed that I was some kind of dangerous professional wrestler. I’ve had times where I’ve injured people of course, everyone has. But once you get that reputation, it’s hard to break that.

I’ve had a string of bad luck throughout my AEW career and that may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back but I don’t know because they don’t communicate with me. They did the same thing to Marko Stunt. They just stopped talking to him.

But I appreciate them, but if you have talent relations, I know Christopher Daniels would love nothing more than to tell me I am no longer with the company. But it is what it is.

I am not sad, I am not mad, I am not mad at anyone, I had a wonderful experience.

I did everything I ever wanted there and to me I am gonna make basically the same money this year doing independents, but working twice as hard this year. It’s no big deal to me and I appreciate everyone there and I appreciate everything that I got to do.

I am just happy right now, I am more focused, more motivated than I’ve ever been in my career. You could see it in my work. There’s been nothing but good Joey Janela matches over the last 8 months.

Whether it be my matches that I did at AEW Dark, or my GCW matches, or my match with Nick Wayne which is arguably the best independent match of last year. I am back to where I wanted to be and I feel 10 years younger.

I am not gonna change a thing, it was great. Great times and I am having a great time right now.”

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