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Ahmed Johnson Reveals The Only WWF Star Who Wasn’t Jealous Of Him

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Old School WWF Veteran Ahmed Johnson was recently interviewed by ‘Developmentally Speaking’ and revealed that a lot of the guys in the WWF locker room at that time were jealous of him, because he received a major push back then.

According to him, it went as far as him having to wrestle a lot of enhancement talent, because the top stars refused to share the ring with him.

Here’s what Ahmed Johnson had to say:

“A lot of the guys were very jealous of me. I don’t know why, but they were very, very jealous of me for the push I was getting. Vince didn’t have anyone with that kind of intensity and animal magnitude (magnetism).

I felt like, this is where I belonged, but the jealousy, it got to me, man. I quickly got over with the fans. Think that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Somebody who was 350 pounds and could move like a 200-pounder, that really impressed Vince.”

Ahmed then revealed that Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) was the only wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation who wasn’t jealous of him:

“The only person who wasn’t jealous of me, and helped me out a lot, was Razor Ramon. He would watch my matches, and when I’d go to the back, he’d be like, ‘Man, this looked good. That didn’t look good’. He actually critiqued my matches for me.”

Ahmed Johnson wrestled for the WWF from July 1995 until February 1998, but would later show up in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where he was known as ‘Big T’ and formed the short-lived Tag Team known as ‘Harlem Heat 2000’ with Booker T’s brother Stevie Ray from January 2000 until he was fired from WCW in April 2000.

His biggest accomplishment was becoming the first ever black Intercontinental Champion, when he defeated Goldust for the title at the WWF King of the Ring 1996 PPV.

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