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AJ Styles Recalls What Triple H Said To Him After His WWF Debut Match

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• AJ Styles Recalls What Triple H Said To Him After His WWF Debut Match

During a recent episode of WWE Untold on the WWE Network, former WWE Champion AJ Styles recalled his WWF debut match.

Here’s what Styles said about it:

“My first match in WWF was with Rick Michaels. I think when you are coming up it’s more about the spots. The reason why you think like that is because you’ve got to get some attention. You’ve got to have someone wanting to see what you’re about to do next.

And, if I watch it back today, I will hate it. Because it’s all about the story. And there’s a story that can be told within the wrestling match that makes sense, when you can put in those flips and whatnot. But it doesn’t all work the way that, you know, the way that I put it together way back then.

The only way you get to that point in your career, when you understand that, is experience.”

Styles then revealed what Triple H said to him after his match:

“I’m walking to the back and Triple H comes up to me and he says, ‘Hey. Just, uh….you wanna make sure you slow down…if you think you’re going too fast, just slow down a little bit more.’

I said ‘But…’, and we were just moving through it, and I wish I hadn’t said anything. Because nobody likes a ‘But’ guy. ‘But, but, but…’ Nah.”

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