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8. Mick Foley Loses 100 Lbs In 1 Year!

WWE Hall of Famer and Raw General Manager Mick Foley announced on Facebook that he has lost 100 lbs in 1 year! He thanked Vince McMahon for the motivation and below is what he wrote:


Feeling pretty good about this! 100 big ones. 100 pound-a-roonies! That’s 7 stones, 45 kilos, daddy! Thanks to everyone who encouraged me along the way – Trish Stratus, Avril, DDP, Becky, Mercedes, Stephanie…everyone out there RIGHT THERE in social media wonderland, who noticed and kept my spirits high.

Thanks also to Mr. McMahon. Last January, I had my first phone call with Vince in quite a while. I told him I was down about 25 pounds, to 315, and planned to be down a total of 80 by Christmas. I heard that Mr McMahon voice say “I’m going to hold you to that”, and I said, ” alright, 258 by Christmas.”

I wonder, really wonder if I would have made it without that phone call. Even with the DDP Yoga, much better eating choices, and the realization that this had to be a lifestyle change, and not just a temporary diet for a big match. Without that phone call, I think my enthusiasm dies out right after Mania at 288.

Deep down, in one way or another, whether we admit it or not, all of us are looking for acceptance from Mr. McMahon.

Foley is now down to 236.7 lbs.

Mick Foley loses 100 lbs in 1 year - down to 236.7 lbs

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