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BREAKING NEWS: Former WWE Star Fired From Impact Wrestling After No-Showing Event, PPV Main Event Cancelled

Alberto Del Rio

• Mark Henry Reveals How The Rock Helped Him Early In His Career

During a recent interview on Post Wrestling podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry revealed who helped him early in his career.

Below is what the former World Heavyweight Champion said:

“First, Owen Hart, and then second, Billy Gunn was one. Yeah, Billy cold-blooded. But, you know what, it was a bunch of guys. Just being in the Nation of Domination, Dwayne, or The Rock, was of those people that I never thought in a million years that we would stay friends because he got me fined more times than anybody I know. He was in the mirror saying, ‘I have to put on special face cream.’ So we were late all the time and we would get fined. I had a bunch of people who kinda looked out for me. You know, gave me the words of wisdom.

Even though The Rock was in the business the same amount of time as I was at that time, I mean I had a four-month jump on him, but he grew up in wrestling. So, he knew the protocols, he knew like ‘don’t do this,’ and ‘do that.’ I was a video game head and I liked sports games and stuff like that… so, The Rock was like, ‘This is what you do.’ And I was like, wow, I did it, and stopped getting in trouble and started getting more pushed to the front of the line and the rest was history.”

• BREAKING NEWS: Former WWE Star Fired From Impact Wrestling After No-Showing Event, PPV Main Event Cancelled

Impact Wrestling has announced that they have released former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio (now known as Alberto El Patron).

This comes after Del Rio no-showed Friday’s Lucha Underground vs. Impact show in New Orleans.

While PWInsider is reporting that Del Rio was sick, word going around the Impact locker room is that Del Rio intentionally missed the show.

However, it should be noted that Del Rio did attend Friday afternoon’s Press Conference to promote Impact Wrestling’s Redemption PPV on April 22nd.

Del Rio had a scuffle with Impact World Champion Austin Aries at this Press Conference and this was done to promote their World Title main event match at Redemption PPV, but that match obviously won’t take place now as Del Rio has been released.

Del Rio missed his WrestleCon appearance earlier today as well. Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm tried to check on Del Rio, but there was no response.

There was so much concern for Del Rio within the company at one point that there were talks of calling the police for a wellness check at one point.

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