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Aleister Black Explains Why Vince McMahon Cancelled His Planned Title Win

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• Aleister Black Explains Why Vince McMahon Cancelled His Planned Title Win

After getting released from WWE, Aleister Black (Tommy End) did a live stream on Twitch and talked about his time in WWE.

Below are the highlights:

– He isn’t angry about getting released and is thankful for his 5 years in WWE.

– Vince McMahon was constantly praising him for his creative ideas for his character, and was always respectful. Says he and Vince had a good relationship and the rumors of Vince not seeing anything in him weren’t true.

– He felt WWE could never do the Aleister Black character on RAW or SmackDown, as well as his time in NXT.

– Paul Heyman & Bruce Prichard were always there to bat for him.

– He was scheduled to take a break for 2 months, but it turned into 7 months after creative had nothing for him. He said that the last few years felt like a slow painful death.

– He was originally scheduled to win the United States Championship in 2020, but Vince McMahon didn’t want his first title win on the main roster to be in front of no fans, so that plan was cancelled.

– He’s planning to open a wrestling school.

– “The Dark Father” version of Aleister Black (his new character) already had a new gear and new theme music set. He said this new theme was his favorite that he’s ever had in his entire career, and now no one will hear it.

– He wanted a program against Bray Wyatt, as he felt they could’ve had a really interesting feud.

– He kept getting messages from fans that genuinely thought he was part of the Illuminati.

– He wanted to be in an Elimination Chamber match.

– He enjoyed teaming up with Ricochet.

– He praised Roman Reigns as WWE’s locker room leader.

– He wants to face Andrade again as he’s “one talented motherf**ker”.

– He’s happy to see Apollo Crews getting a push.

– His feud with Big E was scheduled to start on this Friday’s SmackDown.

– His best moment in his WWE run was meeting his wife, Zelina Vega (Thea Trinidad).

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