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Alexa Bliss On Why She Invited D-Von Dudley Into Her Bedroom

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During an interview on the Table Talk podcast, WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss revealed why at one point she invited WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley into her bedroom.

The two became friends when D-Von returned to WWE in early 2015 and later – after retiring from in ring competition – worked as a backstage producer.

Here’s what Alexa had to say after she was asked how D-Von ended up in her bedroom:

“So, what had happened was, so I have this amazing massage chair that is just unbelievable.

They have them at like charity golf tournaments, a lot of our friends have them, and Ryan Cabrera got one.

And when I tried this massage chair, I was like ‘oh my God! this thing is amazing’.

It massages your neck, your head, your tips and your fingers, the bottom of your feet, stretches you.

And for like everything we do in the ring I was like ‘this is the most amazing thing ever’.

And I was talking to D-Von at TV so I was like ‘yeah, I just got this massage chair’, and I was like ‘you gotta come try it out’.

And yeah, he sat in that thing for like what, almost an hour.”

Alexa Bliss joined NXT in May 2013 and eventually made it to the main roster by July 2016.

She has won several championships in WWE so far, including the RAW Women’s Championship (3x), the SmackDown Women’s Championship (2x), the Women’s Tag Team Championship (3x) and even the 24/7 Championship.

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