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Amber Heard Fan Suspended From Twitter After Harassing Paige

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• Amber Heard Fan Suspended From Twitter After Harassing Paige

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige recently made the following tweet about the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard trial:

“Rumor has it. If you say Amber Heard’s name 3 times in a mirror she will appear and 💩 in your bed. #TeamJohnny.”

Amber Heard fans stood up for her, which led to Paige making the following two tweets:

“You can have your opinion. I just choose to stand by a person, whatever their gender who is standing up to their abusive ex partner.

He’s standing up for every survivor out there and everyone who is falsely accused of awful things and he’s getting his life back.”

“Okay I gotta delete it. The Amber bots are going crazy. I’ll screenshot though so I can repost and keep them on their toes.”

Another Amber Heard fan then tweeted the following:

“ky$.” (internet acronym for “kill yourself”)

This led to Paige replying:

“That’s cute. Did Amber teach you that?”

This user’s account was suspended. This suspended user’s friend then tweeted the following to Paige:

“This all your fault smelly a$$ ghost.”

Paige replied:

“Ooorrr maybe. Hear me out. Your friend shouldn’t tell people to kill themselves? Twitter taking the trash out.”

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