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Another Raw Star To Miss WrestleMania 34? Charlotte Flair Opens Up About Ric Flair’s Health Scare, WWF Flashback: Sycho Sid vs. The Undertaker

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Another Raw Star To Miss WrestleMania 34?

We previously reported how Raw Superstar Big Cass might miss WrestleMania 34 due to a knee injury. Well, it looks like Big Cass might not be the only Raw Star to miss WrestleMania 34 due to an injury, because Jeff Hardy might miss next year’s Show of Shows as well.

As we noted earlier, WWE confirmed that Jeff will undergo shoulder surgery next month. Below is what WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Stephen Daquino had to say about Jeff’s injury:

“Jeff is dealing with a rotator cuff tear right now. It’s a full thickness tear of his supraspinatus tendon and a couple of other areas in the shoulder. He’s going to go for evaluation and probably for surgery next week.”

Jeff still expects to be present on WWE TV while he’s recovering from the surgery:

“There’s a lot of crazy ideas. It inspires me to think a lot more about what I can do other than the extreme stunts and still be entertaining.”

It should be noted that SmackDown Live wrestlers Shelton Benjamin & Erick Rowan had the same surgery and they were out of action for about 7 months. If Jeff ends up staying out of action for 7 months as well, then there’s a pretty good chance that he’ll miss WrestleMania 34.

Charlotte Flair Opens Up About Ric Flair’s Health Scare

During a recent appearance on Busted Open, SmackDown Live Star Charlotte Flair opened up about her dad, Ric Flair’s recent health scare. Below is what she said:

“I’m very close to my dad. My father was at the height of his career when I was born – so you could tell he was older. And whether I was consciously aware or not, I knew there were changes. I knew what my dad was going through.”

I actually took off longer from work for this than when my brother died. You know, I’ve never seen my dad vulnerable. I’ve never seen him sick. So to have him in the hospital and not being my rock was very challenging,” she said.

I don’t know if I ever really accepted that it was as serious as it was. But, after the surgery, it took about a week and a half before they would say, ‘okay, he’s really going to be on the mend.’ I remember thinking, ‘what am I gonna do without him?’ But he is still the first person I’m going to call when I need advice on work. Whether I take his advice or not, of course, is a different story.”

WWF Flashback: Sycho Sid vs. The Undertaker

Sycho Sid vs. The Undertaker (WrestleMania 13) by WWFOldSchool

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