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Another Shot Of Adam Rose Looking Huge During His Retirement Tour (Photo)

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• Old School WWF Manager Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Manager Harvey Wippleman (Real name: Bruno Lauer) celebrates his 54th birthday today.

After making a name for himself as manager “Downtown Bruno” in the Memphis Wrestling (CWA/USWA) Territory during the 80s, he then joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1991 as Harvey Wippleman.

While working for the WWF, he managed wrestlers like Big Bully Busick, Sid Justice, Kamala, Mr. Hughes, Well Dunn (Timothy Well & Steven Dunn), Bertha Faye, Adam Bomb, … and also the 8 foot tall Giant González.


• Another Shot Of Adam Rose Looking Huge During His Retirement Tour (Photo)

Former WWE wrestler Adam Rose retired from in-ring competition earlier this year.

Since then, he has got massive in size. Below is a photo:

Below is what he posted about his weight gain on Instagram:

“My weight gain has caused some interest so let me explain.. Before coming to the #WWE I weighed 236 lbs.. when I performed as #LeoKrugar my weight was around 225 lbs.

When I made the transition to #Adamrose, I was asked to refrain from weight training, so the character would not look like a #prowrestler at all, and also to get as far away from the Krugar character as possible.

My weight as Adam was around 201 lbs.. unfortunately as everyone now knows while in the WWE I developed a drug addiction which lead to me losing considerable weight and getting sick.

At my worst I weighed in at 176 lbs in the WWE.. I was living on a smoothie a day and barely ate.. After a long stint in rehab, thanks to the WWE, I was able to clean up and get my life back together..

Currently I weigh 258 lbs and feel good. I weight train religiously and eat food again.. probably too much food.. but I enjoy it so not gonna stop. I’m happy and on a much better track.. thank you.. #nxt #aew #powerlifting #weightlifting #bodybuilding #swoledaddy #jacked #happy #FatBoyHappy”

Adam Rose also noted that he has 22″ pythons now:

Rose posted another photo and he’s looking huge:

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