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Another Wrestler Not Making His Return Until WrestleMania 31

As we noted before, WWE will keep The Undertaker off WWE TV until WrestleMania 31. There was some speculation that since Taker has accepted the challenge, the officials would book him for appearances on Raw, but that’s not the case.

The reason behind this move is that this will create more drama and will increase the engagement of the audience in Taker’s match. Also, the officials want the people to pay to see Taker’s first appearance in WWE after his loss at WrestleMania 30 last year.

There’s another superstar that we might not see until WrestleMania 31, and he’s Sheamus. WWE has been airing vignettes for his return for over a month now but according to the current plan, he’s scheduled to return at WrestleMania 31. He might be a part of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal or the Intercontinental Title Ladder Match.

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