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Another WWE Star Shows Her Baby Bump, Taz Praises Top WWE Star’s Intensity On Raw


• Taz Praises Top WWE Star’s Intensity On Raw

During a recent appearance on “The Taz Show podcast, ECW Legend Taz discussed the opening segment of this week’s Raw, which featured a brawl between Samoa Joe and Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns.

Below is what Taz said:

“I don’t remember the last time I saw Joe kick off a Raw. I can’t recall. He might have, I just don’t remember when. And I loved it and good god did Joe ever cut an awesome promo. I saw some people on social media to put it over how great of a promo it was and it really was. It was an awesome promo.

It was just nice to see him get that platform by himself. Looks like it was not rushed, they gave him time. So I was happy for Joe as my friend and as a guy who I respect as a performer. It was good to see he hit all his points succinctly like Joe could do and does. He was just on point. He was intense. He was focused. He hit everything in the promo he needed to hit. It was definitely a great way to kick the show off and it worked.

Joe really helps set the table for the rest of the evening to come and they segued nicely. I have to say I enjoyed the segue into things from Joe’s promo which led to some really good matches on Raw.

So Joe basically set the table. He calls out Roman Reigns. He wants Roman Reigns. But before what we came out they showed, I believe it was Seth backstage watching a monitor and Dean Ambrose and Seth said to Dean, “Go find Roman” which I thought was a little kind of funky. Like what is Dean? Like you just send them around – “Go get him! And give me a cup of coffee on the way back.”

That felt weird. That thing was a little strange. That just seemed odd.

When we saw Roman watch the monitor with the other members of the Shield, Roman is almost like – “You know what? I’m done with this. I’m going to the ring” and he went to the ring. This the first situation of the evening that I did not think they needed to play someone’s entrance music, but they’re obsessed with it because I guess Vince and company feels this makes stars.

I get it to a degree. Roman is not gonna become a bigger stock because you played his music. It’s not gonna even make the show feel better. If you didn’t play Roman’s music on the way out, it would have made it feel more realistic.

What made it feel realistic was when Roman got in the ring. Anybody, you could knock Roman all you want to do, whatever you want to do, I’ll tell you what – When he got in that ring and him and Joe started throwing hands, Roman was very, very intense and it worked. I mean it looked great. And Joe was obviously very intense. They threw hands and it was heavy intensity. Excellent fight.

And then we saw Sheamus-Cesaro come out to help Joe. Now Joe did something very cool here and the announcers did a good job reinforcing it. It’s earlier in the promo, Joe said that he doesn’t need help at all, he’ll get the job done himself. “I don’t need any help from Cesaro. I don’t need any help from Sheamus. I’m good. I don’t need these guys’ help yada yada yada yada” and then here comes two heels to help.

Well, that’s what heels do. I’ve said that forever, heels lie. That’s what you should do. Heels lied. It adds to the heat. You lie and it’s an untrustworthy thing to do. It’s what you should do. And it’s been done in wrestling for decades upon decades and it should continue to go for decades upon decades.”

• Another WWE Star Shows Her Baby Bump

Former WWE Divas Champion Maryse recently shared a photo of her baby bump. You can check it below:


6 months pregnant ??❤️❤️❤️ #itsagirl #itbaby

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SmackDown Live Star Maria Kanellis has shared a photo of her baby bump as well and you can check it out below:

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