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Ashley Massaro’s Best Friend Reveals What Vince & Stephanie McMahon Told Ashley After 2006 Incident

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Ashley Massaro, a former WWE wrestler who passed away in 2019, accused former WWE CEO Vince McMahon of predatory behavior in a previously unreleased statement obtained by Vice News.

In the statement, Massaro claimed she was punished for rejecting McMahon by receiving bad scripts that tarnished her reputation. She described feeling uncomfortable as McMahon incessantly called her hotel and cell phones.

This statement was omitted from the affidavit published after her death, where she accused McMahon and top executives of covering up her rape on a military base in 2006, a claim denied by WWE initially but later confirmed by an attorney for John Laurinaitis.

During an interview with News Nation, Cara Pipia, a close friend of Massaro, asserted that Massaro confided in WWE executives, including Vince and Stephanie McMahon, about the assault she experienced.

However, instead of receiving support, Massaro allegedly faced threats and was told to keep the matter quiet.

According to Pipia, Massaro felt unsupported and unsafe during the encounter and subsequent phone conversations with WWE executives, wherein her concerns were downplayed, leaving her feeling manipulated and disregarded.

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