AWA American Wrestling Association (Pro Wrestling USA)

Pro Wrestling USA was a professional wrestling promotion in the United States of America in the mid 1980s. It was an attempt to unify various federations, including Jim Crockett Promotions, the American Wrestling Association (AWA), and other members of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

This loose alliance of promoters from across America was to serve as a national federation. Pro Wrestling USA shows could boast, for example, an AWA and NWA World Title match on the same card

The arrangement, however, would only remain in existence for a few more months, as arguments between promoters, primarily Gagne and Crockett, severed the ties. Crockett opted to leave the group, and within months, the Pro Wrestling USA shows were simply repackaged AWA programs.


Pro Wrestling USA 9/27/84
Rock N Roll Express vs The Nightmares
Rock N Roll Express video
Tony Atlas/ Butch Reed vs Keith Roberson/ Kurt Von Hess
Int Bob Backlund
Road Warriors vs Ken Raper/ Mark Ragin
Nick Bockwinkel vs Lanny Poffo
Jerry Lawler / Tommy Rich vs Len Denton / Tony Anthony
Int Mr Saito
Mr Saito vs Tracy Smothers
Int Road Warriors
Rick Martel vs Eddie Gilbert

Pro Wrestling USA 10/6/84
Int Backlund
Fabulous Ones vs Hickerson/Spoiler
Jimmy Valiant video
Road Warriors vs Tracy Smothers/Keith Eric
Int Rock N Roll Express
Superstar Billy Graham vs Ken Raper
Int Lawler/ Rich
Jerry Lawler /Tommy Rich vs The Nightmares
Int Mr Saito
Mr Saito vs Craig Carson
Int Tony Atlas
Harley Race vs Dutch Mantel

Pro Wrestling USA 10/13/84
Int Backlund
Fabulous Ones vs The Nightmares
Fabulous Ones video
Superstar Billy Graham vs Craig Carson
Int Rick Martel
Dory Funk vs Dutch Mantel
Mr Saito vs Keith Eric
Rick Martel vs The Spoiler
Int Fabulous Ones
Butch Reed/ Tony Atlas vs Len Denton /Tony Anthony

Pro Wrestling USA 10/20/84
Tony Atlas/Butch Reed vs The Spoiler/Keith Robertson
Int: Bob Backlund
Harley Race/ Dory Funk vs Tracy Smothers/Mark Ragin
Int Jerry Lawler
Int Nick Bockwinkel
Jerry Lawler vs Eddie Gilbert
Int Larry Zbyszko
Larry Zbyszko vs Keith Eric
Road Warriors vs Craig Carson/ Raper
Int Race/Funk
Rock N Roll Express vs Phil Hickerson/Lanny Poffo
Int Backlund

Pro Wrestling USA 10/27/84
Lawler vs Randy Barber
Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Rocky King/ Sanders
Int Dusty Rhodes
Mr. Saito vs Jason Walker
Jimmy Valiant video
Bob Backlund vs Mike Jackson
Int Nick Bockwinkel
Ricky Steamboat vs Gary Royal
Road Warriors vs Steve Miller/Mark Fleming

Pro Wrestling USA 11/3/84
Ricky Steamboat vs Bobby Bass
Int the Koloffs
Bob Backlund vs Gary Royal
Int Tommy Rich
Nikita Koloff vs Mark Fleming
Mr Saito vs Gene Ligon
Int Road Warriors
Lawler/ Rich vs Barber/ Sanders
Jimmy Valiant video
Int Bob Backlund
Carlos Colon vs Mike Jackson

Pro Wrestling USA 11/10/84
Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Mike Jackson/ Jason Walker
Int Lawler/Rich
Bob Backlund vs Randy Barber
Ric Flair video
Mr Saito vs Steve Miller
Int Road Warriors
Road Warriors vs Gene Ligon/Lee Ramsey
Int Tommy Rich

Pro Wrestling USA 11/24/84
Houston/Hart vs. Koloffs
Paul Kelly Vs. Manny Fernandez
Brian Adidas vs. Gary Royal
Harley Race vs. Tommy Lane
Dick Slater vs. Mike Fever
Ron Bass vs. Joel Deaton

Pro Wrestling USA 11/31/84
Mike Davis vs. Ric Flair
Billy Graham vs. Hart(Barry Horowitz)
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Joel Deaton
Tully Blanchard vs. Sam Houston
Koloffs vs. Lane/Brown
Ron Bass vs. Bob Backlund

Pro Wrestling USA 12/8/84
Sam Houston vs. Billy Graham
Int: Dillon/Bass
Mr Saito vs. Lee Ramsey
Harley Race vs. Mike Davis
Carlos Colon vs. Ben Alexander
Int Dick Slater
Koloffs vs. Ligin/Fever
Int Bob Backlund
Lawler/Adias vs. Joel Deaton/Paul Kelly
Int Dusty/Manny Fenandez

Pro Wrestling USA 12/15/84
Dusty/Fernandez vs. Sword/Doug Vines
Int Koloffs
Rick Martel vs. Joel Deaton
Magnum TA video
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Lee Ramsey
Int Slater/Backlund
Ric Flair vs. Tommy Lane
Long Riders vs. Sam Houston/ Bret Hart (Barry Horowitz)
Carlos Colon vs. Tully Blanchard
Int Dusty Rhodes

Pro Wrestling USA 12/22/84
Int: Verne Gagne/Rick Martel
Jimmy Garvin vs. Jerry Monte
Int: Jimmy Garvin
Rick Martel vs. Dennis Stamp
Video: Jimmy Valiant
Lucas/Zulu vs. Road Warriors
Int: Road Warriors
Kamala vs. Steve O
Int; Baron Von Raske
High Flyers/Curt Hennig vs. Steve Regal/Mr. Saito/Luke Graham

Pro Wrestling USA 12/29/84
Fabulous Ones vs. Billy Robinson/Dennis Stamp
Int Fabulous Ones
Jerry Blackwell/Baron vs. Eddie Sullivan/Zulu
Int: Blackwell/Baron
Jimmy Garvin vs. Tom Zenk
Int Jimmy Garvin
Road Warriors vs. Jerry Monte/Steve O
Int Road Warriors
Jim Brunzell vs. Luke Graham
Brunzell vs. Sheik Adnan
Int: Sheik Adnan/Masked Superstar

Pro Wrestling USA 1/5/85
Int: Verne Gagne
Tom Zenk vs. Masked Superstar
Int Masked Superstar/Sheiek Adnan/ Mr. Saito
Kamala vs. Jerry Monte
Feature on Jimmy Vailiant
Fabulous Ones vs. Eddie Sullivan/Zulu
Int Fabulous Ones
Blackwell/Baron vs. Billy Robinson/Dennis Stamp
Int Blackwell/Baron
Rick Martel vs.Jimmy Garvin
Int Garvin

Pro Wrestling USA 1/12/85
Hennig/Greg Gagne vs. Stamp/Robinson
Int: Gagne/Hennig
Jerry Blackwell vs. Luke Graham
Int Blackwell
Masked Superstar/Mr. Saito vs. Steve O/ Jerry Monte
Int: Saito/Superstar/Sheil Adnan
Kamal vs. Tom Zenk/Eddie Sullivan
Int Road Warriors
Road Warriors vs. Fabulous Ones
Int Sgt Slaughter

Pro Wrestling USA 1/19/85
Int Sgt Slaughter
Tom Zenk vs. Nick Bockwinkel
Int Mr Saito/Shiek Adnan
Fabulous Ones vs. Brian Jewel/Scott Doring
Int Fabulous Ones
Dino bravo vs. Drew Tozol
Int Rick Martel/Dino Bravo
Bob Backlund vs. Rick Renslo
Int High Flyers
Int Bob Backlund
Hennig/Steve O vs.Masked Superstar/Mr Saito
Int Sgt Slaughter

Pro Wrestling USA 1/26/85
Dino Bravo vs. Brian Jewel
Int Jimmy Garvin
Brad Rheingans/Rick ??/ vs. Road Warriors
Int Road Warriors
Curt Hennig vs. Rob Rexstiener(Rick Stiener)
Int Jimmy Garvin
Blackwell/Baron vs. Renslo/Dave Wagner
Int Blackwell/Baron
Sgt Slaughter vs. Mr Saito

Pro Wrestling USA 2/2/85
High Flyers vs. Rob RexStiener/Brian Jewel
Int High Flyers
Jimmy Garvin vs.. John Nord
Int Garvin
Sgt Slaughter vs. Scott Doring
Int Slaughter
Rick Martel vs. Rick Reslo
Int Bob Backlund
Int Rick Mratel
Fabulous Ones/Baron vs. Road Warriors/Paul Ellering
Int Blackwell
Int Road Warriors

Rick Martel vs. Tom Stone
Int Blackwell/Slaughter
Road Warriors vs. Mike Richards/Rick Stocksey
Int Road Warriors (receive PWI awards)
Masked Superstar vs. Jim Brunzell
Int High Flyers
Int Jimmy Garvin
King Tonga vs. Tom Zenk
Ric Flair video
Kendo Nagasaki vs. Jimmy Doo
Int Superstar/Tonga./Sheik Adnan

Terry Funk vs. Jake Milliman
Int Funk
Ric Flair video
Int Jimmy Garvin
Mark and Jay Youngblood vs. Scott Doring/Tony Leone
Int Rick Martel
King Tonga vs. Joe Pivey
Int Tonga.Superstar/Shiek
Nick Bockwinkel/Tom Stone vs. Sgt Slaughter/Jerry Blackwell
Int Slaughter/Blackwell

Rob Rexstiener/Rick Gatner vs. Road Warriors
Int Rc Flair
Bob Bcaklund vs. Drew Tosol
Int Slaughter/Blackwell
Masked Superstar vs. Mike Richards
Int Superstar/King Tonga/Sheik
Larry Zybsko vs. Jimmy Doo
Int Jimmy Garvin
Bockwinkel/Terry Funk/Steve Regal vs. Curt Hennig/High Flyers
Int Bockwinkel/Zybsko/Funk

Youngblodds vs. The Alaskans
Int Larry Zybsko
Int Billy Robinson/Kamala
Kamala vs. Mark Pole/Lou Fabiano
Int Slaughter/Blackwell
Slaughter/Blackwell vs. Iron Duke/???
Int Shiek Adnan/Saito/Superstar
Int Rick Martel
Kendo Nagasaki vs. Tom Zenk
Int Road Warriors
Larry Zybsko vs. Bob Backlund
Int Baron
Int High Flyers

Kendo Nagasaki vs. Mike Richards
Int Jimmy Garvin
Int Baron Von Rascke
Rick Martel vs. Tony Leone
Int Larry Zybsko
Brad Rheingans/Rick Gatner vs. Masked Superstar/King Tonga
Int Sgt Slaughter
Int Billy Robinson/Kamala
John NOrd vs. Jake Milliman
Int Tonga Kid
Int Sheik/King Tonga/Mr Saito
Jimmy Garvin vs. Baron

Jimmy Garvin vs. Sonny Rogers
Int Samoans w/ Humperdink
Jim Brunzell vs. Iron Duke
Int Jimmy Gravin
Int Baron
Drew Tosol vs. Power Uti
Int Sgt Slaughter
Tonga Kid vs. Nacho Barrera
Int Tonga Kid
Samoans vs. Rick Stawatski/Rick Peavy
Int Rick Martel

Pro Wrestling USA 3/23/85
Samoans vs ???
Int Sir Oliver Humperdink w/ Samoans
Baron Von Rashcke vs Rick Renslow
Int Billy Robinson w/ Kamala
Tonga Kid vs Tom Stone
Int Road Warriors
Int Sgt Slaughter
Freebirds vs Nacho Berrera/Milliman/Zumhofe
Int Freebirds

Pro Wrestling USA 3/30/85
Larry Zbyszko vs Jake Milliman
Int Slaughter
High Flyers vs Steve Regal /Tom Stone
Int Billy Robinson w/ Kamala
Kendo Nagasaki vs Rick Gantner
Int Dusty Rhodes
Sgt Slaughter vs Kamala (New Haven)
Int Sgt Slaughter
Boris Zhukov,/King Tonga/Mr Saito vs Buck Zumhofe/Tom Zenk/ Sonny Rogers
Int Jimmy Garvin
Int Baron Von Raschke

Pro Wrestling USA April & May 1985

Show 1
Jimmy Garvin vs Jerry Monti
int Jimmy Garvin
AWA Champion Rick Martel vs Dennis Stamp
int Vern Gange
The Road Warriors vs Ken Lucas & Zulu
int The Road Warriors
Kamala vs Steve Falsinovski
int Mr Sieto & Nick Bockwinkle
6 man Tag team Elimination Match Steve Regal Crazy Luke Grahm & Mr Sieto vs Curt Henning & the High Flyers Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzel

Show 2
The Road Warriors vs Jerry Monti & Steve Falsinovski (no ending)
Crazy Luke Grahm vs Jim Brunzel if Brunzel wins he gets 5 min with Sheik Adnon Elcassie
Jim Brunzel vs Sheik Adnon Elcassie 5 min match
int Masked Superstar
int Billy Robertson
int Bobby Dunkem
The High Flyers Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzel vs Mark Pole & Kalua (entrance only)
Larry Zybisco vs Brian Orielly
int Freebirds
Baron von Raske vs Mike Moore
int Sgt Slaughter
Kendo Nagasaki vs Brian Orielly
not sure where a break is but it looks like a 3rd show
Steve O vs Sweat Daddy White
Promo Butch Reed
Ray the Crippler Stevens vs Ken Stevens
The Freebirds Gordy & Hayes vs Mike Richards & Kenny Jay
Hacksaw Butch Reed wJimmy Garvin vs Jake Millman
opening only
Verne & Greg Gange vs Nickbockwinkle & Mr Sieto
int Verne & Greg Gange
int Greg Gange

Pro Wrestling USA 7/13/85
Butch Reed vs. Little Bear
Int Road Warriors
Sgt Slaughter vs. Davey Gee
Int Sgt Slaughter
Buddy Roberts vs. Larry Winters
Int Freebirds
Larry Zbyszko vs. Mike Jones
Nick Bockwinkel/Ray Stevens/Bobby Duncum vs. Curt Hennig/Steve O/Buck Zumhofe
Int Larry Zbyszko
Int Nick Bockwinkel

Pro Wrestling USA 7/20/85
Int Nick Bockwinkel
Bill Irwn vs. Brian O’Reilly
Int Ric Flair
Int Sgt Slaughter
Terry Gordy vs. Jim Londos
Int Michael Hayes/Terry Gordy
Sgt Slaughter/Greg Gagne vs. Aollo Athens/Blue Max
Int Nick Bockwinkel/Ray Stevens
Boris Zhukov vs. Larry Winters
Int Larry Sharpe w/ Boris Zhukov

Pro Wrestling USA 7/27/85
Nick Bockwinkel/Larry Zbyszko vs. Brian O Reilly/Sean O’Reilly
Int Larry Zbyszko
Int Nick Bockwinkel/Ray Stevens
Rick Martel vs. Michael Hayes
Int Freebirds
Boris Zhukov vs. Little Bear
Int Ric Flair
Baron Von Raschke vs. Mark Pole
Int Sgt Slaughter
Buddy Roberts/Terry Gordy vs. Lou Fabiano/Ken Radd
Int Freebirds
Ric Flair vs Chic Donovan (Mid Atlantic TV)
Int: Sgt Slaughter

Pro Wrestling USA 9/21/85
Jimmy Garvin vs. Steve O
Int Larry Zbyszko
Jerry Blackwell vs. Paul Gardner
Int Long Riders
Int Baron Von Raschke
Larry Zybsko vs. Sgt Slaughter
Int Sgt Slaughter
Tom Zenk vs. Larry Clark
Int Boris Zhukov
Stan Hansen (Debut) vs. Len Hawkins (Rick Martel run in/ brawl)
Int Stan Hansen

Pro Wrestling USA 9/28/85
Jimmy Garvin vs. Alan Martin
Int Bockwinkel/Zybsko
Tom Zenk/Curt Hennig vs. Drew Tossel
Int Tom Zenk /Curt Hennig
Stan Hansen vs. Jerry O (Martel run in)
Int Stan Hansen
Road Warriors vs. Len Hawkins/Paul Gardner
Int Boris Zhukov
Jerry Blackwell vs. Rick Renslow
Boris Zhukov vs. Len Hawkins
Int Boris Zhukov

Pro Wrestling USA 10/5/85
Rick Martel vs. Larry Clark
Int Verne Gagne
Road Warriors vs. Drew Tossel/ Alan Martin
Int Jimmy Garvin/Steve Regal
Billy Robinson vs.T-Bone
Video: Sheik Adnan
Nick Bockwinkel/Larry Zbyszko vs. Zumhofe/Jerry O
Int Nick Bockwinkel/Larry Zbyszko

Pro Wrestling USA 10/12/85
Boris Zhukov vs. Jake Milliman
Int Boris Zhukov
Scott Hall vs. Chris Curtis
Int Hennig/Scott Hall
Jimmy Garvin/Steve Regal vs. Kevin Kelly/Jerry O
[Clip]Baron Von Raschke vs Jimmy Garvin
Baron Von Raschke
Int Regal/Garvin
Stan Hansen vs Mike Richards
Int Stan Hansen
Road Warriors vs Drew Tossel/Nacho Berrera
Int Bockwinkel/Zbyszko

Pro Wrestling USA 10/19/85
Spike Jones vs Jerry Blackwell (Hayes run in)
Int Road Warriors (after they lost belts)
Larry Zybsko vs. Jake Milliman
Int Garvin/Regal
Curt Hennig/Scott Hall vs. DeFalco/Rick Steiner
Int Larry Zybsko, Nick Bockwinkel
Michael Hayes vs. Mike Richards
Int Zukhov
Nacho Barrerra vs. Stan Hansen
Int Hansen

Pro Wrestling USA 10/26/85
Brown vs. Hayes
Int Blackwell
Hennig/Hall vs. Alaskans
Int Nick Bockwinkel
Int Hennig/Hall
[Clip] Road Warriors vs. Freebirds (Night of Champions)
Int Hayes/Roberts
Long Riders vs. Baron/ Rheingans
Rick Martel vs. Chris Curtis (Hansen run in)
Int Rick Martel

Pro Wrestling USA 11/2/85
Mike Richards vs. Larry Zybsko
Int Zybsko/Bockwinkel
Blackie Guzman /Dr. Death (not Steve Williams)vs. Henning/Hall
Int Blackwell
Int Hall/Hennig
Road Warriors vs. Garvin/Regal (title switch)
Int Road Warriors (same as 10/19 show)
Freebirds vs. Gatner/Kevin Kelly
Int Hayes/Roberts
Stan Hansen vs. Jake Milliman
Int Stan Hansen

Pro Wrestling USA 11/23/85
Zumhofe vs. Zybsko
Int Zukhov
[Clip] Rheingans vs. Zukhov
Int Sgt Slaughter
Road Warriors vs. Alaskans
Int Road Warriors
Scott Hall vs. Iron Duke
Int Long Riders
Ken Yates vs. Mongolian Stomper
Int Regal/Garvin

Pro Wrestling USA 11/30/85
Chad Williams vs. Big Thunder Kiniski
Int Hansen
Hayes/Roberts vs. Alasakans
Int Hayes/Roberts
Sgt Slaughter vs. Iron Duke
Int Zukhov
Yates/Kevin Kelly vs. Regal/Garvin
Londos vs. Mongolian Stomper
Int Long Riders

Pro Wrestling USA 12/7/85
Williams vs. Mongolian Stomper
Int Koloffs/Kruschev
Int Verne Gagne
[clip] Sgt Slaughter vs. Ric Flair
Int Zukhov
Long Riders vs. Yates/Kevin Kelly
Int Long Riders
Iron Duke vs. Big Thunder Kiniski
Int Road Warriors
[clip] Greg Gange vs. Larry Zybsko (Zybsko hits Bockwinkel with nunchuks)

Pro Wrestling USA 12/14/85
Mongolian Stomper vs. Jim Blackstar
Int Larry Zybsko
Scott Hall vs. Ken Glover
Int Zukhov
Long Riders vs. Bobby Wayne/Chuck Greely
Int Road Warriors
[clip from NWA TV] LOD- Russians brawl
Sgt Slaughter vs. Larry Clark
Int Sgt Slaughter
Sheeri Martel vs. Debbie Combs
Int Hansen
Big Thunder Kiniski vs. Keith Eric
Int Larry Zybsko

Pro Wrestling USA 12/21/85
Blackwell vs. Ken Glover
Int Road Warriors
Nacho Barerra vs. Zukhov
Int Tully Blanchard
Video Larry Zybsko
Zumhofe vs. Larry Clark
Int Zukhov
Regal/Garvin vs. Kevin Kelly/Paul Brown
Int Rock n Roll Express

PW USA 12/28/85
Long Riders vs. Blacky Guzman & Julio Rodriguez
INT – Chris Markoff & Boris Zuhkov
Scott Hall vs. Paul Brown
INT – Paul Ellering
Mongolian Stomper vs. Bobby Wayne
INT – Long Riders
Scott Hall music video
Larry Zbyszko vs. Jim Blackstar
INT – Larry Zbyszko
Jimmy Garvin & Steve Regal vs. Leon White & Buck Zumhoffe
INT – Rock N Roll Express

PW USA 1/4/86
Marty Jannetty vs. Chris Curtis
INT – Nick Bockwinkel
Mongolian Stomper & Barbarian vs. Jake Milliman & Rick Gantner
INT – Sgt Slaughter
Scott Hall vs. Woody Wilson
INT – Larry Zbyszko
INT – Scott Hall & Curt Henning
Curt Henning music video
Stan Hansen vs. Chuck Greenlee
INT – Stan Hansen
Sgt Slaughter vs. Boris Zuhkov
INT – Jerry Blackwell & Sgt Slaughter

These have the 86 AWA All Star Wrestling TV opening but PWUSA promos for the Meadowlands:

Int Curt Henning/Scott Hall
Marty Jannetty vs. Iron Duke
Int Larry Zbyzko
Col. Debeers vs. Rick Brinslow
Int Nick Bockwinkle
[Video] Road Warriors
Int Col Debeers
Stan Hansen vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Int Boriz Zukhov/Sheik Adnan El Kassie

Col Debeers vs. Buck Zumhoffe
Int Nick Bockwinkle
Jerry Blackwell vs. Sheik Adnan El Kassey
Int Col. Debeers
Int Playboy Buddy Rose
[Video] Larry.Zbyzko
Int Curt Henning/Scott Hall
Int Larry Zbyzko
Announcment of Wrestle Rock.
Bruiser Brody vs. Jerry Blackwell
Int Sheik Adnan El Kassey

Kamala vs. Steve O
[Video]Sherri Martel
Int Curt Henning & Scott Hall
Rick Martel vs. Stan Hansen – AWA Title, Hansen wins title.
Int Larry Zbyzko
Midnight Rockers vs. Buddy Rose/Doug Sommers
Int Nick Bockwinkle
[Video] Bruiser Brody
Int Greg Gagne
Masked Man attacks Brad Rheingans
Int Sheik Adnan El Kassey

Midnight Rockers vs. Bob Owen/Paul Styles
Int Curt Henning/Scott Hall
Col Debeers vs. Paul Garner
Int Sheik Adnan El Kassey
Nick Bockwinkle vs. William Tab
Int Larry Zbyzko
[Video] Long Riders
The Koloffs vs Road Warriors
Int Nick Bockwinkle
Bruiser Brody vs. Ray Traylor
Int Sheik Adnan El Kassey/Bruiser Brody

Larry Zbyzko vs. Earthquake Ferris
Int Leon White
Int Larry Zbyzko
Jerry Blackwell vs. William Tab
Int Road Warriors
Boris Zuhkov/Nord The Barbarian vs. Carl Styles/Brad Reignins
Int The Koloffs
Wrestle Rock video.
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Bob Owens
Int Buddy Rose/Doug Somers
Int Nick Bockwinkle
Curt Henning/ Scott Hall vs. The Alaskins
Int Arn Anderson

Col Debeers vs. William Tab
Int Curt Henning/ Scott Hall
Int Larry Zbyzko
Shawn Michaels vs. Doug Somers
Int Road Warriors
Brad Rheingans vs. The Alaskan 2
Int Leon White
Int Nick Bockwinkle
The Long Riders vs.????
Int Dusty Rhodes
[Video] Curt Henning & Scott Hall
Bruiser Brody vs. Bob Owens
Int Sheik Adnan El Kassey

Nick Bockwinkle vs. Dave Wagner
Int Larry Zbyzko
Bruiser Brody vs. Spike Jones
Int Sheik Adnan El Kassey/Bruiser Brody
Curt Henning/Scott Hall vs. The Max Brothers
Int Road Warriors
[Video] Col. Debeers
Stan Hansen vs. Frankie Deparco
Int The Koloffs
Int Dusty Rhodes

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