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Backstage News On A SmackDown To RAW Draft Move After WrestleMania 36

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• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (January 6, 1985) – WWF Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS

On this day in 1985, the World Wrestling Federation aired another episode of their TV show ‘World Championship Wrestling’ on Ted Turner’s channel TBS.

‘World Championship Wrestling’ originally belonged to the Georgia Championship Wrestling territory, which Vince McMahon bought in July 1984 (leading to the infamous “Black Saturday”).

After the first ever WrestleMania event in 1985, McMahon sold the TV-show and the timeslot on TBS that came with it, to the Atlanta based Jim Crockett Promotions, who kept the ‘World Championship Wrestling’ name and continued the show as a weekly saturday night Wrestling show.

Ted Turner eventually bought Jim Crockett Promotions in late 1988 and renamed it ‘World Championship Wrestling’, which ironically was also the name of its weekly A-show, until they changed the show’s name to ‘WCW Saturday Night’ in 1992.

The World Wrestling Federation product ran on this show from July 14, 1984 until March 25, 1985.

This episode featured pre-taped matches & interviews on the road to the first ever WrestleMania event.

You can find the card below:

1. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Charlie Fulton & Rusty Brooks

2. Interview: Bobby Heenan & Big John Studd

3. Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis vs. Sal Bellomo & Paul Roma

4. Tito Santana vs. Scrub

5. Interview: Blackjack Mulligan

6. Ken Patera & Andre the Giant vs. Scrubs

7. Blackjack Reynolds vs. Scrub

8. Interview: JYD

9. The Junkyard Dog vs. Rusty Brooks

• Backstage News On A SmackDown To RAW Draft Move After WrestleMania 36

As we have noted before, a Draft / Superstar Shake-Up is scheduled to take place after WrestleMania 36 and it will also include NXT as a third brand.

According to Tom Colohue, The Miz is expected to move from SmackDown to RAW after WrestleMania 36:

“There are some early whispers of moves coming for the planned Shake-up in April.

Now, there are a few people that have been constantly moved back and forth and Miz is one I’m hearing mentioned a lot, but he’s always mentioned.

He’s someone who they are considering someone of a role talent and it’s someone they can use on USA because Miz and Mrs is on USA and there is a preference for that.”

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