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Backstage News On CM Punk’s Behavior In Current WWE Run

CM Punk Survivor Series 2012

Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving CM Punk and Drew McIntyre.

• CM Punk’s reputation has undergone a transformation over the years. While his initial WWE departure was marred by reports of being difficult to work with, and his time in AEW was marked by documented issues leading to his release following backstage altercations, his recent return to WWE has been met with a noticeable change in demeanor.

Following a noteworthy segment on this week’s RAW, which featured promos by Punk, Drew McIntyre, and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, fans and critics alike have been discussing the shift in Punk’s behavior.

PWTorch reported that the segment aimed to blur the lines between scripted and real emotions, delving into areas of genuine tension while maintaining a level of professionalism.

Despite any lingering animosity, it’s been noted that Punk and Rollins have been collaborating effectively backstage, setting aside any personal differences for the sake of their on-screen performances. Punk’s conduct has garnered praise from various sources within the wrestling industry, with many commending his professionalism and attitude.

Looking ahead, Punk is slated to serve as the guest commentator for the highly anticipated World Title Match between Rollins and McIntyre on Night 2 of WrestleMania 40.

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• Despite his contract expiring soon, Drew McIntyre is reportedly confident about his position and is not feeling any pressure to rush into signing a new deal with WWE.

He believes WWE values his contributions and is optimistic about reaching an agreement where he gets a raise, as he’s a bigger star due to his new character.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported:

“I was checking with people. And the belief is that he knows what the situation is. And he’s already promoting feuds for the summer and the fall. I don’t think he’s planning on going anywhere.

The thing with him with the contract, the thing that he was looking for months ago, when the contract was running out, and he wasn’t in a rush to sign, was number one; he thought that he wanted to do this new character. And if the new character didn’t work out in the booking and the booking wasn’t strong and everything like that, the idea was maybe, maybe go back and spend time with the family and take time off.

The other aspect of the character getting over great is that by doing so and not signing, the feeling is that his price should be higher, because he’s a much bigger star. And he’s got big programs to come back to.”

McIntyre will face Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship on Night 2 of WrestleMania 40, with CM Punk as the special guest commentator.

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