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Backstage News On If Randy Orton’s Plans Were Affected Due To Matt Riddle’s Release

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Before Randy Orton was taken off WWE TV due to a back injury, he was a part of the tag team division, where he used to be in a tag team with Matt Riddle, together known as RK-BRO.

With Randy currently training at the WWE Performance Center for his return, there was speculation that he’d be booked in a tag team with Riddle again, or feud with Riddle, as Orton turning heel on Riddle was planned at one point.

However, with WWE releasing Riddle recently, none of that will be possible.

We are being told that WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H didn’t have any plans for the reunion or the feud of RK-BRO anyway.

Riddle discussed Orton’s back issues in one of his interviews on television, which was not what WWE had planned for him. The Wrestling Observer reports that he had heat with WWE management due to it.

He went off script and put over Orton when talking about how much pain The Viper was in during the final days of RK-BRO and before the injury angle was shot. While praised for the promo going behind the scenes and being real, it was not what was scripted for him.

Ever since Riddle’s failed drug tests from last year, WWE Officials gave up on the idea of pushing him as a main eventer, which is why he suffered a loss to Ludwig Kaiser of Imperium on a recent episode of RAW, and that was a big blow to Riddle’s career as Ludwig rarely wins singles matches.

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