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Backstage News On Who Came Up With The Concept Of RAW Underground


• Old School WCCW Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 63rd birthday of Old School WCCW Veteran Gino Hernandez (Real name: Charles Wolfe Jr.).

Gino Hernandez used to be one of the top heels in Fritz Von Erich’s Dallas based World Class Championship Wrestling promotion.

His feud against the Von Erich’s is legendary and one of the most memorable feuds in the history of this territory.

During his WCCW days, he was managed by famous old school wrestling manager Gary Hart.

Gino Hernandez passed away way too early, at the young age of only 28 years, due to a cocaine overdose.


August 8, 1957 – February 2, 1986

• Backstage News On Who Came Up With The Concept Of RAW Underground

While Shane McMahon introduced the concept of RAW Underground on-screen on this week’s RAW, he’s also the man who came up with this entire idea off-screen.

Below is what Tom Colohue said about Shane O’Mac involvement in the creative process backstage:

“It was entirely Shane’s idea, and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him step into that ring sooner rather than later.

Honestly, people in the WWE are really quite high on some of Shane’s ideas recently, including back in the Best in the World tournament and the Royal Rumble this year where he was heavily involved in the booking.

WWE has lost a lot of writing talent recently, so they have been leaning on wrestlers like [Daniel] Bryan, like Edge and the bosses, the McMahon family as well, even though, for example, Stephanie McMahon isn’t there and isn’t involved in anything. Shane’s been very vocal.”

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