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Bad News For Fans Hoping For Former Divas Champion’s Return

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• Hulk Hogan Reveals The Top 3 Moments Of His WWF Career

During a recent appearance on CBS Philly’s Howard Eskin Show, “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan revealed the top 3 moments of his WWF career:


“The first one, of course, was WrestleMania 1 where we pulled out all of the stops. We had Mr. T. We had Billy Martin there. We had Mary Hart. We had everybody there. The Rockettes, Alice Cooper, Cyndi Lauper, I mean, we had the whole gambit there for WrestleMania 1.

Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon bet the farm that this was going to make or break the pro wrestling business and this is where we did the transition. This is where we shifted gears into an international phenom, the wrestling business, instead of just a local scenario, so WrestleMania 1 was so important and it put wrestling on the map.”


“Then we go to WrestleMania 3 where we set the largest indoor attendance record and I wrestled André The Giant. That really cemented my career in stone when André The Giant passed the torch to me because nobody had ever beaten The Giant before.”


“And then, fast forward to WrestleMania 18 where I came back to WWE after working for Ted Turner for about eight years. I came back. Everybody thought that Hulk Hogan was washed up, he was too old, maybe he was out of gas, maybe he couldn’t keep up. And I went out to the ring with The Rock and basically took The Rock to school at WrestleMania 18.

And that match, from what a lot of the wrestling fans talk about, was the biggest WrestleMania moment ever because the whole building was cheering for Hulk Hogan and the whole building was cheering for Rock off and on, and it was the craziest go against the grain cheer the bad guy because nobody expected it. It was just something that changed the landscape of how the wrestling fans view the heroes and villains.”

• Bad News For Fans Hoping For Former Divas Champion’s Return

We have some bad news for fans who have been hoping that one day former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee would return to in-ring action.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider was recently asked about the possibility of WWE bringing AJ Lee back to the company. Mike noted that AJ didn’t leave WWE because her husband, CM Punk, has problems with the company. AJ noted in her book that she retired from in-ring competition due to physical issues, not because of the issues between CM Punk & WWE.

With that being said, AJ Lee might never step foot inside a ring again to compete.

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