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Baron Corbin On How Vince McMahon Came Up With His New Character

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• Baron Corbin On How Vince McMahon Came Up With His New Character

Baron Corbin has had several character changes in WWE.

He started as “The Lone Wolf”, then turned to Constable Corbin, to King Corbin, to Sad Corbin and now he’s Happy Corbin.

During a recent appearance on the Out Of Character podcast, Corbin revealed how Vince McMahon came up with his current “Happy” character.

Here’s what Corbin said:

“It’s funny because they come up with these ideas. I think it’s just being around Vince [McMahon] for years or Triple H – they kind of start to learn your personality, so they tailor characters, I think.

They get this idea and tailor that character based on interactions with you over the years.

It could’ve been something with Vince where I’m making him laugh or just having fun being one of the guys with him, and he’s, like, ‘Ah man, I got this idea where you’re just over the top happy,’ and he always tells me, he’s like, ‘People don’t like you. They’re really not gonna like you when you’re really happy all the time,’ and so, it works. Like I said, it’s just fun, man.”

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December 27, 1966 – December 6, 2003

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