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Becky Lynch Reveals What WWE Wanted Her Name To Be When She Joined The Company

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• ON THIS DAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY (July 8, 1989) – CWA Event (Europe)

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on July 8, 1989, Otto Wanz’s Catch Wrestling Association held an event at the Eishalle Liebenau in Graz, Austria.

The card also featured several wrestlers, who eventually would end up in either World Championship Wrestling or the World Wrestling Federation.

Here are the matches from that night:

Mile Zrno vs. Salvatore Bellomo (WWF)

Steve Wright (Father of WCW’s Alex Wright) vs. Klaus Kauroff

Tony St. Clair vs. Cannonball Grizzly (WCW’s P.N. News)

Catch Cup 1989 Final Match: Giant Haystacks (WCW’s Loch Ness) vs. Rambo (WWF’s Sniper)

Dave Taylor (WCW), Franz Schuhmann & Herkules Boyd vs. Col. Brody, Shinya Hashimoto & Wojtek Polanski

CWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Otto Wanz (c) vs. Big Steele Man (WWF’s Tugboat/Typhoon)

• Becky Lynch Reveals What WWE Wanted Her Name To Be When She Joined The Company

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, former RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch discussed her early days in WWE. She also revealed what the company wanted to name her before the name ‘Becky Lynch’ came up.

Below are the highlights:

On how she considered using her real last name, Quin, as part of her ring name: 

“When I was coming up with my name in WWE, I came up with a bunch of mad Irish names that I thought were cool. Since my last name is Quin, I tried to get that in there as a first name. Quin Chulainn was one, and that was based off the mythological person from Irish mythology. Cú Chulainn is a badass character in Irish mythology.”

On how WWE wanted her to have a name that was associated with her real name, Rebecca: 

“They wanted a name associated with my own name, like Rebecca. So I became Becky, and two of the names that came back to me were Becky Lynch and something like Madeleine. I was like, ‘I didn’t even submit that, I don’t know how it got in there.’ It made me think of that TV show Madeleine.

Anyway, I said no to that, and the other name that came back was Robin Daly. I actually did like that, but I thought it would be better to have a part of my own name in there, so Becky Lynch it was.”

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