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“Being a young guy in that environment wasn’t necessarily enjoyable” – Luke Gallows On His 1st Run In WWE

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Former WWE Superstar and current Impact Wrestling star Luke Gallows (Doc Gallows) was recently interviewed on The Guerrilla Position with Steve Ahrendt, Macho Ghost, and Nick Swinke on Open Talk Radio 313 The Flash (tap here to listen).

Below are the highlights from this interview:

Steve Ahrendt: Why do people need to see Talk N Shop A Mania 2?

Luke Gallows: We love pro wrestling, we make our living off pro-wrestling, we’re not making fun of pro-wrestling but laugh along with us. I think we saw once it was accepted with what happened on the first one, we turned up the heat times a hundred. You get to see some creativity that’s on a whole another level.

Ahrendt: How does someone like you that is respected and has been in this business for so long after what you experience this year, as far as negativity and turned it into a positive and come out the other end of it seemingly even more entertaining and better than you ever were when you went into it?

Gallows: This is not to tooting my own horn it’s just the way I feel it has to be. If you follow my career you know that I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I never got out of wrestling because I always loved wrestling.

I always wanted to prove that I can make it in wrestling. I’m not a rear view mirror guy, so I was sitting in my sauna I got the call and I was talking to Karl Anderson on the phone minutes before and I said we have nothing to worry about we just sign multi-million dollar deals, I feel bad for our friends and then my phone rang. 

When I hung up the phone well the obvious response to this would be to be angry, bitter, mad but what I think the perfect response to this is to understand that as serious as this can be it’s still pro-wrestling. Nobody lived or died over what just happened and the best way to express yourself right now it’s the parody the situation.

So let’s create a pay-per-view because we know content is going to be needed and let’s give somebody something to laugh at.

As entertainers, our job is to entertain and put a smile on someone’s face.

Nick Swinke: So obviously when you guys got released from the WWE, you guys became pretty big free agents, and you probably got a lot of different offers from different promotions besides Impact Wrestling. So why did you guys choose Impact Wrestling?

Gallows: Well, I’ve said this publicly and I’ll say this forever…Scott D’Amore and a lot of the guys at Impact, but Scott in particular. Karl and I had a long history with him, Scott was actually my agent when I was coming into New Japan, it was a combination of Scott and Karl when I was leaving TNA that got me over there.

The relationship with Scott and Karl goes back further when he was training in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I had big motivation once the release happened. There were a lot of things that we wanted to do Machine Gun (Karl Anderson ) and myself that we wouldn’t have been able to do under that umbrella (WWE).

We fully enter the alcohol business, we have our own podcast, our own butcartoon. I’m running my own wrestling promotion and we’re putting the shows on Impact Plus.

Impact Wrestling was a natural fit.

Swinke: Was there any noticeable differences in the locker room or company at WWE when you returned?

Gallows: 100%. I don’t talk about a lot of WWE anymore, it’s not because I don’t have a lot of friends there.

I became friends with or already friends with guys like Bray Wyatt who I was there the first week he signed with FCW I went down when I was getting repackage from Festus to Luke.

I didn’t know Roman Reigns. A lot of their top tier guys stepped up and Braun Strowman is one of them and a lot of their other guys were cool but I really looked at Roman and Bray to a degree to.

The locker room that I was in from 2005 to 2010 was one that wasn’t always a positive experience, it was a lot of the old guard and they weren’t welcoming to a lot of the new guys.

Being a young guy in that environment wasn’t necessarily enjoyable but when I got back to WWE and I saw the way things were and the guys were working together as a team and they enjoyed being there together in the ring and outside the ring.

I really tip my hat off to those guys. I always thought a team atmosphere in a locker room with competition was good because you need to strive to be the best rather it’s in singles, tag team, comedy spots or whatever you do you have to be the best.

I told Roman that a time or two in the ring during serious moments that I was really impressed by that and it did a lot for the business.

Swinke: Do you seek out a lot of the cameos for TalkNShopaMania or do people reach out to you?

Gallows: We had a lot of people that watch and said they enjoyed the first one and asked how could they be a part of the next one.

The Macho Ghost: Is $ex Ferguson and Tex Ferguson the same person, twin brothers or clones? 😂😂😂

Gallows (replied in $ex Ferguson voice): They’re two different people. 😂😂😂

The Macho Ghost: Years ago, I read that you had a pet spider named Willow. So first of all, how was Willow? And is there any truth to the rumors that Willow was the grandfather of Eric Rowan’s mutated spider? 😂😂😂

Gallows: Willow is actually still alive I gave him up to a relative of a friend of mine who was way better of a spider care then I was. 😂😂😂

The Macho Ghost: Do you still keep up in touch with Festus? 😂😂😂

Gallows: Well, I called him on the phone all the time but he can’t seem to talk on the phone which is weird. 😂😂😂

The Macho Ghost: Who shot Jonny Bravo? 😂😂😂

Gallows: I think it was $ex Ferguson 😂😂😂

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