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12. WWE Raw Star Cleared To Return To In-Ring Action, Matt Hardy Wants To Face The Young Bucks In WWE

– WWE Raw Superstar Summer Rae, who has been out of action since August 2016 due to neck & back injuries, is now cleared to return to in-ring action.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that WWE may be holding off on Summer Rae’s return as both Raw and SmackDown Live have equal amount of women as of now.

However, with Emma (Raw) possibly being out of action again due to an injury and Lana joining SmackDown Live soon, it might be time for WWE to book Summer Rae to return to WWE programming on Raw.

– Raw Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy posted on Twitter that he would like to face The Young Bucks in a WWE ring:

The #BucksOfYouth are a TRAILBLAZING team. I’d love to battle them once again if they EVAH decide to step foot inside a @WWE ring.

Below is what Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks replied:

@MATTHARDYBRAND @WWE Maybe one of these days, V1.

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