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Big E’s Possible New Role In WWE

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Big E has been out of action since March 2022, due to a neck injury he suffered after taking a Belly-To-Belly Overhead Suplex from Ridge Holland.

The former WWE Champion fractured his C1 vertebrae and C6 vertebrae and had to undergo surgery.

As noted before, Big E has been told by multiple doctors that he should not wrestle again.

Big E is still under WWE contract, so the company probably wants him to do something instead of sitting at home.

While speaking at a SummerSlam Media Conference, Big E revealed that WWE has discussed a role as a Commentator for him.

“It’s something that has been discussed. Titus (O’Neil) is doing that and having great fun. I’ve had fun as well. I saw Becky’s comments about the pee break, which I’ve thought about many times. Many times.

Do you wear a diaper? I’d probably wear a diaper. I like to stay hydrated. After 3 hours of being there, we can’t go in a bucket. There are people right behind you. I would. Maybe a catheter. Like a catheter.

It would be painful, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t sit there for 3 hours with no pee break. That would be the biggest obstacle. I’m going to add on to the Becky Lynch pee-break commentary discourse and say that for me would be the biggest obstacle – the urine. The catheter would be the route we’d go.”

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