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Big E’s Role During SummerSlam 2022 Week Revealed

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• Big E’s Role During SummerSlam 2022 Week Revealed

2022 has been rough for Big E.

He lost the WWE Championship on the first day of the year. He then suffered a broken neck on an episode of SmackDown, which resulted in him missing WrestleMania 38.

He recently gave the following update on his neck:

“Update! My C1 isn’t ossifying (forming bone) quite yet. The current plan is to get more scans at the one year mark & see how it’s progressing. The great news is I feel tremendous & surgery is off the table.”

WWE will be holding tryouts (mostly for college athletes) during SummerSlam 2022 week and Big E will be working with Triple H to evaluate talent.

Below is what Big E said during an interview with ESPN:

“I wish there was an exit program for college athletes, because you spend so much of your time on campus studying for your sport or participating for your sport or practicing for your sport.

You devote so much of your life to it, and then when it’s gone, it is such a distinct drop-off. It’s so hard to prepare for that. That was something that was really hard for me mentally too.”

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Lucha Libre Legend Mil Máscaras (Real name: Aarón Rodríguez Arellano) turns 80 today.

Mil Máscaras is a huge legend in his home country of Mexico, where he’s considered one of the three all time greats, alongside fellow legends El Santo & Blue Demon.

Máscaras started his famous pro-wrestling career in 1965 and still hasn’t fully retired yet, as he still wrestles every now and then, though being protected in 6-man tag team matches, where he has to do very little and is more like a special attraction to sell tickets for the shows.

Mil also had short stints in the World Wrestling Federation (1981, 1983, 1984 & 1997) and Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1990).

In 2012, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his nephew Alberto Del Rio.


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