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5. Rip Rogers On Indy Wrestlers Not Knowing Old School Wrestling Psychology, Reason Behind 205 Live Not Being Successful

During a recent appearance on Under The Mat Radio, OVW trainer Rip Rogers (the man who originally tweeted the “…Dive” thing on Twitter) talked about Old School Wrestling psychology, indy wrestlers and their spotfests, 205 Live & more. Below are the highlights:

On if he’s willing to train Will Ospreay:

“S***, I’d F***ing love to! Cuz there guys they never heard this other side (old school psychology). I used to go down to WCW and see guys getting in the ring and I”d say what are they doing? They said oh they are practicing their matches, I’d said what? They script their matches, I then say what these guys don’t know how to work?? Jesus Christ I could not believe it. If anybody wants to reach out or be helped and don’t be sarcastic about it…just think if I had these 2 Mother F***ers working and they could do that f***ing flippy do s*** where u think this is coming and then all of a sudden they work getting into an argument because somebody fucked up a high spot you’d turn these people like boom and you’ll have these marks because one going into an argument because the other made him look bad. The whole thing about wrestling is that the work is the con, it’s the fool the God damn f***ing marks. Once they get that reputation of doing the choreographed, so smooth it looks phony dance and all of sudden they gotta throw a couple of stuff that don’t look at way then it’s Holy S*** and all of sudden it’s what the f*** going on here , they really mad at each other. Now you have emotional response from the audience. All this does (if he could teach them) give them a different dimension because they are already great…”

On the reason behind 205 Live not being successful:

“If you don’t know who anybody is (on the show) why do you give a s***? There’s got to be an issue with Ali and Frazier, there’s got to be an issue with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, there’s got to be an issue, and there’s got to be a reason and intensity for someone to see this fight (or matches). All they’re (WWE) doing is filling time, they got all this time, all this TV, everybody is overexposed. So we going take 2 steps back and put on a tournament for the crusierweights and then put on a tournament for the girls and if we can find 16 midgets we’ll put on a damn tournament for the midgets too. You can’t blame the guys because they going out into a cold audience, nobody knows who they are, and they all been prized with having the best match in the world.

They know 99 things and they got to get all 99 in no matter what the time limit is, because they is no f***ing structure. It’s all on the office because they don’t know to book. No reaction from the crowd because it’s too much going on, he’ll fall off the Empire State Building and then get up, then they’ll have a car crash and then they’ll get up, and then they’ll do everybody’s finishers and of course they going to kick out AT 2! F*** you Mother F***ers (says this with laughter).”

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