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4. Virgil Talks About Getting Paid Good Money As A Manager In The WWF

During a recent appearance on the Wrestling Reality podcast, former WWF wrestler and manager Virgil talked about the money he made in the WWF as a manager, Donald Trump, Vince McMahon as boss & more. Below are the highlights:

On his first TV tapings with Ted Dibiase:

“For about a year, we did nothing but vignettes all around the world, dogging people out, throwing money here and there. Showing everyone that everybody has a price. We proved that; we went in front of Judges, Lawyers, showing that everyone has a price and it showed.”

On how much money he was making as a manager:

“It was good money. You are getting paid a percentage of the gate. Any house shows you are getting paid a percentage of the gate; or any pay per views, you’re getting paid percentage of the gates. You only got paid if you worked compared to today’s guaranteed money so you try to sell out everywhere you go, and we had sell outs everywhere we went. It was good to work with shows where Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant worked. Andre was no joke. He was the real deal; WrestleMania 4 & 5 were with Andre. Trump Plaza in Atlantic City in 1988 and 1989 and it packed, they still can’t get that type of draw today.”

On how Vince McMahon was as a Boss:

“He cares about his talent, and he’s got a great work ethic and does things right; he wants you to be on time and have Part A and Part B did right, so when you work for someone you have to come on time and be there and do everything right.”

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