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Big Match For WWE Crown Jewel Reportedly Cancelled

AJ Styles WWE Crown Jewel

• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran Alex “The Pug” Pourteau celebrates his 49th birthday today.

During the late 80s and early 90s he wrestled for various different promotions such as WCCW World Class Championship Wrestling, USWA Memphis Wrestling, WCW World Championship Wrestling, WWC World Wrestling Council and the GWF Global Wrestling Federation, before he signed with the WWF World Wrestling Federation during the New Generation Era in 1996.

They gave Alex the entrance theme song, they had previously used for The Steiner Brothers in 1992-1994, but for most of his WWF stint, he was doing televised jobs for mid-carders & main event guys.

He left the company in 1997 and later returned to WCW for a short period of time, wrestling mostly on smaller weekly TV shows such as ‘WCW WorldWide’ or ‘WCW Pro’.

“The Pug” can still be seen wrestling on the independent scene every now and then.


• Big Match For WWE Crown Jewel Reportedly Cancelled

As we have noted before, John Cena & Daniel Bryan weren’t in favour of going to Saudi Arabia for the WWE Crown Jewel PPV.

Cena was officially pulled from the show on last night’s RAW, when acting RAW General Manager Baron Corbin rewarded Bobby Lashley a spot in the WWE World Cup in place of Cena.

In an update to this situation, PWInsider has now confirmed that Bryan won’t be going to Saudi Arabia to work the WWE Crown Jewel PPV and the AJ Styles – Daniel Bryan WWE Championship match won’t take place this Friday.

As of this writing, WWE has the following segment planned between Styles & Bryan for tonight’s SmackDown Live:

AJ Styles will confront Daniel Bryan

“WWE Champion AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan are set to clash for the title this Friday at WWE Crown Jewel, but the tension between the two Superstars may reach new heights on SmackDown LIVE.

Styles will confront his challenger tonight. After Styles and Bryan suffered two straight losses to The Usos after striking one another (seemingly by accident), will the champion and the challenger avoid coming to blows ahead of Friday’s title showdown?”

It’s possible that something goes down tonight and WWE gives a storyline reason as to why the championship match won’t take place at WWE Crown Jewel.

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