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Big Shield Reunion Cancelled For This Summer

As we noted before, WWE officials have planned a match between Seth Rollins & Triple H for SummerSlam 2015. With that being the current plan, WWE officials want Rollins to turn babyface. In order to achieve that, he would have to turn on the Authority.

WWE officials discussed at one point having The Shield reunite, and this leading to Rollins turning his back on Triple H. The angle would have seen Rollins turning on Kane and then the Shield destroying Triple H. This would’ve led to Triple H reinstating Brock Lesnar to take out the Shield.

But as we saw on this week’s WWE Raw, Brock Lesnar returned. So this plan for the reunion of the Shield has been dropped.

Regarding post-Battleground plans for Brock Lesnar, WWE officials are thinking of doing a HUGE Blockbuster never seen before main event. Click here for more information about that match.

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