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Reason Behind Chyna Visiting WWE Headquarters

As we noted before, former WWF Women’s Champion & Intercontinental Champion Chyna visited the WWE Headquarters.

Filmmaker Erik Angra, who has been raising money through Kickstarter to produce a documentary about Chyna, posted a pic of her on Twitter which showed her at the WWE Headquarters.

According to latest reports, she was there to help gain interest and publicity for her upcoming “The Reconstruction of Chyna” documentary. WWE officials had no idea that she was at the WWE Headquarters until they saw the pic. She simply just walked in, took the picture and left.

Chyna also wants to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but as noted by Triple H during the Steve Austin podcast on the WWE Network, Chyna’s induction into the Hall of Fame will most likely won’t happen due to her adult movie career.

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