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Big Show Says ‘That’s It’ For Top RAW Star If He Loses At SummerSlam 2018

Big Show SummerSlam 2018

• Update Regarding Title Changes Prior To WWE Evolution PPV

WWE announced that every women’s title in the company will be defended on the first ever all women’s pay-per-view, ‘WWE Evolution’. This means the RAW, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT: UK Women’s Titles will be up for grabs.

We previously reported that WWE is planning to have the Four Horsewomen of WWE face the Four Horsewomen of UFC at the event. One person noted during Wrestling Observer Live that this could mean that this match is either impossible or WWE will have to change some things around for it to take place.

They said that if the match was to happen, Becky Lynch would have to fail in capturing the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Carmella, Ronda Rousey would also have to stay without winning the RAW Women’s Championship from Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam 2018 and Shayna Baszler will have to drop her NXT Women’s Championship (as all the Women’s Titles are on the line at this PPV, so champions can’t be a part of a non-title match).

This is a very good point. WWE will have to keep this in mind while planning the match. Either it will happen or as noted before, only seeds for this future ‘WWE Horsewomen vs. UFC Horsewomen’ match would be planted.

• Big Show Says ‘That’s It’ For Top RAW Star If He Loses At SummerSlam 2018

Big Show was backstage at this week’s RAW in Miami as he lives in the area. Mike Rome asked him his prediction for Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2018 for the Universal Championship.

The former WWF Champion said that Reigns will be the last man standing this time with the title on his shoulder. But he thinks if Reigns loses, he’ll get no more opportunities and will have to work his way to the title picture again.

Below is what the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ said:

“I think after everything that’s happened, you got to give the devil its due, you gotta give Roman the opportunity. He’s never quit, he’s got so much fight. I’ve seen Roman take beatdowns that would make most people quit the business. He’s got heart, he’s got guts and he knows what it’s like to be a locker room leader now.

I think whatever happens at SummerSlam, if Roman Reigns doesn’t come home with the championship then that’s it for Roman Reigns. I don’t think by any means that boy has quit in him, so I’m saying it’s not it for Roman Reigns, and I’m gonna say Roman Reigns is going to take it to Brock like never before.”

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