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10. Booker T Reveals Who Put Harlem Heat On The Map

During a recent interview with ESPN, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion & WWE Hall of Famer Booker T talked about teaming up with his brother and forming the Harlem Heat in WCW, his inspiration, his career & more. Below are the highlights:

On who he thinks put Harlem Heat on the map:
“Oh man, first part of my career was awesome. Having my big brother Stevie Ray, he’s my blood brother, my real brother, having him watch my back for nearly 10 years in WCW. It was a great ride, 10 time World Tag Team Champion with my brother and then to work with Sherri Martel back in the days, you know, a dream come true. I always say that Sherri Martel was that one thing that put Harlem Heat on the map, made us a legitimate tag team. We took it from there, after that, the singles career.”

On who his idol was while growing up:
“I have an obligation more than anything. I was young, like a lot of people are right now, making mistakes. Was young once upon a time looking for that person to look up to. Muhammad Ali was my idol and I always say, if Muhammad Ali had told me the exact same thing my mother, the principal, the security guard, my brothers. …You know, the same thing they were telling me that I didn’t listen to, I would have listened, just because it came from Muhammad Ali.”

On working at different levels in Pro Wrestling:

“You know, it’s gratifying to be able to change my levels in life. You don’t want to be in one place forever, and for me, I had a chance to move to the next stage of life. So many of us wrestlers get caught in one place. For me, I went at 30 years old and knew how well it felt to retire and see what was like on the other side, enjoy the fruits of the labor and now doing commentary is awesome and in my wrestling school I still have a chance to live vicariously through my wrestling students.”

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