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9. Bubba Ray Dudley Explains What John Cena Did For Shinsuke Nakamura Is Similar To What He Did For Brock Lesnar 15 Years Ago

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, WWF Veteran Bubba Ray Dudley talked about Shinsuke Nakamura dropping John Cena on his neck and explained what Cena did for Nakamura being similar to what he did for Brock Lesnar 15 years ago. Below is what he said:

“When Brock was first starting out I was one of the first guys that he worked with and they had told me what they had in store for Brock. So, ‘Hey Bubba, your job is to go out there on these house shows and have the best matches you can with Brock, try and get him as ready as possible, he’s going to win the King Of The Ring – all this stuff, and I think we’re in Penn State one night – or some place in Pennsylvania, and Brock went to give me a Belly-To-Belly over the head throw and we slipped and he dumped me straight on my head. Brock was terrified. He was apologizing his balls off in the ring, and I got up and I said ‘Do it again!’ He said ‘No, no, no!’ and I said “Do it again!” I forced Brock to give me three more of those exact throws, because I didn’t want Brock to be nervous about dumping guys on his head.

I knew where Brock was going, I knew the star that he was going to be one day. So I didn’t want him to have any fear, and that’s what John did for Nakamura on that night. He said ‘Don’t apologize, don’t say sorry, because he doesn’t want Nakamura to have any fear.'”

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