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15. WWE Posts About Raw Wrestler’s Unique Milestone

As we noted before, Raw wrestler Curt Hawkins has achieved a unique milestone of losing 100 matches in a row. Below is what WWE posted about this:

Curt Hawkins puts a unique spin on his 100-match losing streak

There have been many streaks in the history of sports-entertainment. Goldberg’s 173-match undefeated run in WCW, Asuka’s ongoing and record-shattering reign as NXT Women’s Champion and, of course, The Undertaker’s legendary WrestleMania Streak immediately spring to mind. And yet, there’s an altogether different brand of consistency that’s being talked about these days. Curt Hawkins has lost 100 matches. In a row. His last win occurred on the Nov. 8, 2016, edition of SmackDown LIVE. Indeed, after being pinned by Jason Jordan last week in the “gold-blooded” Superstar’s Raw debut, the “Captain” of the “Curt Hawkins Star FACTory” stretched his, well, defeated streak to 100 — the longest such stretch in the modern era.

Most Superstars would see triple digits in the “L” column as a sign to probably, maybe, change things up. Hawkins, however, sees things differently. “One hundred matches, 100 stars made in my ‘Star FACTory,'” Hawkins told WWE.com. “I win every night, whether the stats say it or not. I make stars, It’s what I do.” Finn Bálor is among those stars “made” by Hawkins, and the first-ever Universal Champion was quick to “congratulate” the Queens, N.Y. native on Instagram.

With 100 straight losses under his belt, who’s the next star to be made in Hawkins’ “Star FACTory”? “Probably Brock Lesnar. He’s dodging me,” Hawkins revealed. “I’ve invited him many times on Twitter.”

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