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Big Spoiler On Who’ll Walk Out Of Hell In A Cell 2017 As The WWE Champion, What Happened In The SmackDown Live Dark Main Event This Week? Billy Corgan On Dealing With A Lot Of Backstabbing & Lies In TNA

Hell in a Cell Match PPV

What Happened In The SmackDown Live Dark Main Event This Week?

This week’s SmackDown Live dark main event (which happens after 205 Live goes off the air) featured a 6 man tag team match. The team of Randy Orton, United States Champion AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated the team of WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, Rusev and Baron Corbin.

Speaking of SmackDown Live itself, the main show ended with Kevin Owens brutalizing Shane McMahon. You can watch it below:

Billy Corgan On Dealing With A Lot Of Backstabbing & Lies In TNA

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Billy Corgan (former President of TNA Impact Wrestling and now the owner of NWA) talked about dealing with a lot of backstabbing and lies during his time in TNA. Below is what he said:

“I was very, very frustrated by the obstacles I faced internally, both culturally and fiscally, at TNA. I dealt with a lot of backstabbing and lies. I was able to push through some things that ended up being successful at TNA, and I was very frustrated because you would think the success would have led to more leverage and further opportunities. But it was exactly the opposite.

People were out to get me because I had power. At least now, in this situation, I am my own boss. You have to build your own infrastructure from the bottom up and work with people you really trust. The traditional ‘carny’ aspect of the wrestling business that plagues a lot of companies, and has plagued a company like TNA, are problems that hold the business back. You can’t run an effective business if it’s like Game of Thrones every week.”

With Corgan now owning NWA (National Wrestling Alliance), he revealed that he has a 20 year plan for the NWA brand:

“We want to be part of a new revolution of how wrestling can be consumed by fans and matches can be presented. This NWA brand dates back to 1948. The past few years have not been as kind as we would have liked, but we plan on building this into a powerhouse over time. Our focus is on the NWA plan, and we have a 20-year plan. We’re not going to just come in and throw money around for two years.

We’ve learned from the past mistakes of TNA, which we have intimate knowledge of. We’re armed with this knowledge, and we’re setting out to rebuild the brand so a fan that currently doesn’t know anything about the NWA will respect the tradition and also respect what we’re trying to accomplish, like a Ring of Honor or a New Japan. That’s where we are starting, and we’re building from there.”

Big Spoiler On Who’ll Walk Out Of Hell In A Cell 2017 As The WWE Champion

This Sunday at Hell In A Cell 2017 PPV, “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal will defend his WWE Championship for the 4th time on PPV when he faces the former two time NXT Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura.

As we have noted multiple times, one of the goals behind making Jinder Mahal the WWE Champion was to make him headline WWE Live Events as the main champion when they tour India. At first, it looked like WWE scrapped the idea of touring India, but that’s not the case.

Triple H recently visited India to announce Raw Live Events in December. Yes, Jinder Mahal is on SmackDown Live but he’ll still work these Raw Live Events. Below is the poster for the show in India:

WWE Live India December 2017 - Roman Reigns, Jinder Mahal & More

With that being said, Jinder Mahal will main event these events in India (or co-main event, since Roman Reigns is also working these shows and he’s a mega star in India) as the WWE Champion, which means he’s going to retain the WWE Title this Sunday at Hell In A Cell 2017 PPV.

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