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4. Did Hulk Hogan Hold A Grudge Against Vince McMahon in 1994?

On a recent episode of Eric Bischoff’s wrestling podcast, the former WCW President talked about how Hulk Hogan felt about Vince McMahon prior to signing with World Championship Wrestling in 1994.

Keep in mind that Hogan left the World Wrestling Federation on good terms in 1993 to concentrate on his career as an actor, first and foremost filming the TV series ‘Thunder in Paradise’.

Then when Hogan had already signed with WCW, his testimony in court during the infamous steroid trial eventually led to the Judge’s “Not Guilty” decision, and ultimately kept McMahon out of prison.

Here’s what Eric had to say about the entire situation:

“We did talk about it, clearly. I knew early on that there was a strong relationship and affection between Hulk and Vince. Even though they were at odds, there was tension and there was all this crap going on with the steroid trial. Deep down inside Hulk still had a deep affection for Vince and was disappointed in the way things had turned out but I never felt animus. I never felt like it was hatred or resentment or anything negative.

It was addressed, there were issues, clearly there were issues and Hulk had his side of the story and Vince still had his. It was apparent to me though that Hulk still had quite a bit of respect and affection for Vince.”

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