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12. Former WWE Wrestler Breaks A Leg, Hand & Loses A Finger In Base Jump Accident

Former WWE wrestler Justin Gabriel (a.k.a PJ Black) suffered serious injuries in a base jump accident. He broke a leg, hand and lost a finger in this accident. Below is what the former 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion posted on Facebook regarding this:

Stitches came out today! It’s gonna be long 12 months! Early Arthritis in all my joints from 20 years of wrestling. Oh the things I do to my body to entertain you people. I wouldn’t change a thing and I’ll be back just in time for Lucha Underground season 4 tapings!

6 months till I can wrestle. 12 months till I’m 100% back to normal. But even at 80% I’m still better than most wrestlers.

All the upcoming indy appearances for him have been cancelled now. Gabriel was involved in a base jumping accident in 2016 as well, where he ended up breaking both his ankles.

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