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13. Jim Cornette Challenges Vince Russo To A Fight

During a recent edition of the WrestlingInc podcast, Vince Russo discussed Jim Cornette’s claim of him writing to Vince McMahon every week. Below is what Russo said about this:

“That’s absolutely untrue, Raj. You know what the funny thing is and bro anybody with half a brain would understand this. Cornette obviously doesn’t have half a brain. Raj, I go on my podcast, OK, and I publicly read my personal emails with Vince McMahon.

Ok bro, I did that on my show. I read his response to me when I did reach out one time and I also, on Konnan’s show on Podcast One this week, I read Vince’s response to me when I called him out for the Table for 3 Show. I wrote him an email; I called him out. And he wrote me back and I read that response.

“Raj, I’ve got to ask you question. If I’m dying and begging the WWE for a freaking job, am I really going to go on my freaking show and read Vince McMahon’s personal email,” Vince asked. “I mean, let’s just be logical bro. Like, is that the way I would get a job if I was dying and begging for a job? It’s so freaking ridiculous.”

Russo also said that guys like Eric Bischoff & Jim Cornette talk behind his back and won’t confront him face-to-face.

During a recent edition of The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette challenged Russo to a fight and below is what he said:

“So you want to make challenges about going on people’s podcasts and giving the money to charity and all this other stuff, ’cause you know that ain’t gonna happen ’cause we got nothing to talk about.

But I’m making you a legitimate offer. I swear on my mother’s grave if you give me a date, a time and an address. I will meet you there and I will bring five grand in cash as long as the rules are no cops, no guns and no knives. And what happens, happens.

And if you don’t f***ing take me up on that, you piece of s***, then shut your f***ing d***licker from now on. ‘Cause I’m sick and f***ing fed up with ya and everybody else is too. You’ve been found out, nobody believes in you anymore. Everybody knows what you’re all about. You’ve stabbed everybody in the back you’ve ever worked with. You’ve killed guy’s careers with your goofy gimmicks. You’ve made the wrestling business a f***ing joke with your f***ing ADD goddamn booking and you’re Jerry Springer Show horse s***. And most of all, you’re a piece of f***ing s*** and I will prove it. Send me the date, the time and the place or shut the f*** up!”

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