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Big Update On Goldberg’s Future

Goldberg WCW


Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg & GLORY Kickboxing have exchanged a few tweets which were related to Goldberg’s future.

Goldberg posted a tweet saying that he’s a fan of GLORY and will be training tomorrow. To this tweet, GLORY asked Goldberg whether he would like to fight for them or not.

Goldberg: @GLORY_WS ..such a fan that I’m training with @afamizm and @Gspencerjr1 tomorrow at @SootYordPalung

GLORY: @Goldberg @afamizm @Gspencerjr1 @SootYordPalung hell of a crew! Our Exec. Director @ivanfarneti wants to know if you’d take a GLORY fight??

To this question, Bill Goldberg replied by saying that he would consider anything if he gets the right preparation time and contract.

Goldberg: @GLORY_WS @afamizm @Gspencerjr1 @SootYordPalung @ivanfarneti With the right prep time and contract I’d consider anything!!

GLORY: @Goldberg let’s have our people connect! Enjoy #GLORY19 tonight, and we’ll be in touch. @NewYorkRic @ivanfarneti @PierreGLORY

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