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16. Were The Singh Brothers Injured At Backlash 2017? Goldust Threatens To Sue R-Truth

– As seen in the main event of Backlash 2017, The Singh Brothers interfered on behalf of Jinder Mahal again, but they got laid out by Randy Orton. Orton dropped both of them on the announce table and it looked like The Singh Brothers took some nasty head bumps on the table.

However, they aren’t injured. Below is what they tweeted:

– As seen on last week’s episode of Raw, WWF Veteran Goldust turned heel and attacked his tag team partner R-Truth. Below is what R-Truth tweeted about this:

This led to Goldust tweeting the following:

Speaking of Goldust, he declared on this week’s Raw that the Golden Age is back:

As we noted before, Goldust is scheduled to get a mid card push on Raw.

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